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  1. I have the same problem man, purchase Oil Blotting Sheets and stick with those for now, I know they're a hassle but use them whenever you use the bathroom, and drink alot of water. That's the most I recommend for now.
  2. Hello Everyone, I'm assuming everyone who post/browses this forum topic has oily skin. So I would like to try to come as close as possible to a general consensus..... WHICH FACE WASH HAS HELPED YOU MOST WITH YOUR OILY SKIN?
  3. Hey, I got a question, when u apply duac in the morning is your face very dry? and do u just deal with it or do u apply a non-comdegenic moisturizer over it?
  4. Hey, I have a question about duac, have u guys applied it twice daily and if so, do u put a moisturizer over it when going out in public?
  5. Are any of you guys long distance customers, if so can u tell me how it is??
  6. 2 question first is how long does green cream take to work, secon is does any one kno a good moisturizer to open my pores but prevent HEAVY SHINE but wont mess with green cream or pc bha2%?? and i've been using the baby brush method for a lil while now n 2day i had like 5 new whiteheads is that good??
  7. i guess i'll give it a try, thanks for the advice.
  8. no, its just that i havent paid it any mind til you told me, but i hope it doesn't aggrevate my comedonal acne cuz i think the reason my comedonal acne wont go away is becuz to much oil
  9. Thanks for the tips, but the jojoba oil doesn't make your face oily????
  10. Okay i have comdones+ SUPPEERRR oily skin, so i thought about this routine Wash face w/ Cetaphil Facial Cleanser, use a baby brush to exfoliate while washing, small amount of PC BHA 2%, Green Cream the Aloe Vera Gel, hows that sound, i think it might over dry my face, what do u guys think?????
  11. okay i have really oily skin a one day i put on pc bha 2% and didnt put moisturizer on and under my eyes began to burn but i ignored it later on i had there really dark scars under my eyes and they've been there for 2 day, there rough like scabs but i wonder will they ever go away???? has this happened to any1 else???
  12. Im 15yrs old, and i have what i htink is called comedonal acne. I use cetaphil daily facial cleanser, pc 2% bha and green cream lv 6 and cetaphil lotion but i have REALLY OILY SKIN like cooking grease was poured on my face and ive been using grean cream for like a week now and my face isnt looking different at all. Does green cream take a while and are there any good moisturizers for super oily skin??? Theres a girl back at home i havent seen in a while and i like her alot, is there anyway some
  13. i have the same problem my face always looks likei dumped it in a bucket of oil
  14. i've been using paula's choice bha 2% and im about to use green cream but my skin tone has been lightening is that because of excessive drying??
  15. any recommendations that are for really oily skin???