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    cheerleading*volleyball*beta*fbla*fccla*drama*shopping*gymnastics*goin to the movies*dating guys*ACCUTANE! haha*
  1. well my face looks a billion times better! my mom made me cry tonight- she was just staring at me and touched my face and said its nice to c it without all the bumps...and it got to me! this is the greatest thing i could have ever got! its already changed my life soo much!
  2. hey guys.... *today was my 1 month apt. with my derm! well since my derm only comes to cape(which is an hr away from where i live) on tuesdays i was 10 days on half my dosage:( thats sucks, AND like thers 12 other ppl who c him for accutane on the same day as me, my apt was at 1 and i didnt c him till 4....crazy huh? well anyway i'm ok....he said he saw alot of improvment compared to how most ppl do in the first month so that was good news...i'm ready to take 40 mg again instead of 20! hope i do
  3. hey guys, im back again! i'm startin to find more time to write on here, hopin somebody's reading it, if not thats ok too i guess... ****well this weekend was my friends ~Sweet Sixteen~, and being the country girls my friends and i am we did it the MISSOURI way!* WE WENT MUDDING! yeah and thats not just a lil mud alot! and so we were in the middle of this mud whole with a big pig and 5 girls and 4 guys and bout 4 fourwheelers....point of this story is that i got really nasty and the weird thing
  4. *HEY guys....well its like almost a month um next wednesday will be a month but with the stupid i-pledge stuff and my doctor only bein in town on tuesdays, i wont have pills for 7 days!!!!!!!!!!!! my brother's friend has some left over from his treatment and i'm gonna get those but idk how much they have, cus i gotta have like 28 days worth just because of the i-pledge!!!!!!!!!grrrr! -*-anyways my face has had good days and BAD days, i just try not to look at it too much anymore. but for the mo
  5. hey! yeah i do have less of an appetite. tonight actually i was workin on a cheerleading flip most of the night and totally forgot about dinner, then when i was in the shower i was like wow i totally forgot! i guess thats a good thing tho...well good luck next week, KEEP UP WITH CHAPSTICK ON UR LIPS! they get really dry the beginning of week 2! ~good luck girl~ amy*
  6. HEY GUYS! well its day 11, and sad to say i had the dreaded IB couple days ago:( but it wasnt too bad, i looked like normal would be before tane so i just people didnt notice too much. but i think its all healing now, so i'm happy! my eye's have been really dry i went to a baseball game 2 days ago and it was hard to watch it cus my eyes hurt, and my lips are very dry, i ran a mile and did some work with the wieght machine at the house 3 days ago and didnt feel sore the day after, but i do today
  7. hey girl! yeah i guess so, but i cant even date till the big 16 anyway so i dont really worry about the tests, its just makes things stressful cus i cant get my script from the derm till the results are in their office which means an extra trip which also means more gas which is expensive here:( yeah the makeup thing, i know the feeling! i hate having to have it, i put it on even to walk around town with my mom cus i dont want my friends out cruising to see me lookin like crap! my eyes got real
  8. i personally think that if it was that bad, they would have taken it off of the market because they've done hundreds of studies on accutane and if there was a serious problem then they wouldn't allow it on to be prescribed...yes there's risks but they tell you that over and over in the medicine, even the box that its in has a warning for the mental aspects you might receive, nobody's the same and nobody's systems work the same, it could be fatal to one person and a miracle to another you just g
  9. hey girl! yeah i TOTALLY agree with ya when u say u HATE I-PLEDGE! i do too! im only 15 and i gotta go through all that pregnancy testing and crap! but hope ur doing well:) im 1 week into mine and its all good! amy*
  10. hey! yeah the i-pledge thing is horrible, be happy u live in europe! haha, they are really strict about when u get your medicine and u have to have pregnancy tests even tho im only 15? and take tests every month! its crazy! but yeah my lips are a lil dry too but my lil brother had some lanolin stuff from when he was a baby for dry skin and it works really good on ur lips, i know it sounds nasty but its like vasoline and it makes them soft over night! hope next week goes good for us:) GL! amy
  11. Hey guys!! *thanks for posting, for a while there i thought no one would:( *its DAY 6! almost a week into it! *i started 10th grade today and i think some people are noticing that my face isnt as "bumpy" anymore...which i must say is awesome! im alost wearing less makeup which makes me feel better *i've been washin good with cetaphil and i LOVE it! my face feels sooooo soft! *thanks for the info on drinking water...i was soo glad to hear that the schools getting gaterade machines so i wo
  12. i started last wednesday! good luck keep me posted ok:)