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  1. when i wakee up in the morning i find that the area around my mouth is dry. Is this because of how I sleep? (w my mouth shut, so saliva stays inside and i breathe thru mu nose??) Or is the result of something else? ( Although I don't imagine it's medicine because I only use it on my cheecks and sides of my face where I have acne and I generally have an oily face with one small dry patch)

    And, how can I make it less flakey? I've tried dabbing some moisterizer and water on it, but the flakiness persists :(

  2. hi, for some reason I have a dry patch between my eyebrows, but no where else on my face (I have oily skin and usually about 15 mild-moderate papules/pustules).

    i used to tweeze my eyebrows, which i think contributed a little, but no longer and it still is dry there. should I apply a moisterizer in that spot (but i"m afriad itll drip down into my eyes), even though I don't use it anywhere else?


  3. hey, i just started using ziana about a week ago. It's the first time i'm really using acne meds (although i needed it a few months ago :(, but i was kinda in denial since I used to have nice skin until i turned 16 this year :( )

    I haven't seen any results yet, and have a few questions:

    1) how long do you tihnk it will take to see results? and also, will it really get much worse before it gets better?

    I have mild- moderate acne (about 15 small red pimples, which for some reason are only really on my cheeks, but the surrounding area is rly red, and blackheads but no pimples on my nose)

    and is purging when you breakout due to old meds flushing away (which can't happen to me since inever used anything else), or when it gets worse? For me, i have seen no improvement, and maybe a little more aggrevation, but not much)

    2) I'm a little bit uinclear about hte small, pea amounts (since it's a gel i'm more inclined to use a little more to spread it around. do you think you should end up with a thin, barely unfeelable layer or should you let it absorb in more concentrated drops on bad areas?

    3) I guess I'm a little paranoid but I have a really clear area on my face and am afraid of putting ziana on it in case it gets a pimple and is never clear. is that rly stupid and should i apply to my whole face regardless?

    thanks :) and i hope this works soon! (at least before school starts)