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  1. thanks for the adivce buckeye only 2 weeks til I hit the one month mark!
  2. any one else on how long ziana takes to start working noticably? (esp those w/ moderate-mild acne)
  3. when i wakee up in the morning i find that the area around my mouth is dry. Is this because of how I sleep? (w my mouth shut, so saliva stays inside and i breathe thru mu nose??) Or is the result of something else? ( Although I don't imagine it's medicine because I only use it on my cheecks and sides of my face where I have acne and I generally have an oily face with one small dry patch) And, how can I make it less flakey? I've tried dabbing some moisterizer and water on it, but the flakiness
  4. ^^ thanks for the replies! thy are very encouraging.
  5. thanks a lot i hope it works! EDIT: I just used my MOm's Lubriderm and immediately, it seems much better!! (If only acne meds worked that fast....)
  6. hi, for some reason I have a dry patch between my eyebrows, but no where else on my face (I have oily skin and usually about 15 mild-moderate papules/pustules). i used to tweeze my eyebrows, which i think contributed a little, but no longer and it still is dry there. should I apply a moisterizer in that spot (but i"m afriad itll drip down into my eyes), even though I don't use it anywhere else? helpp
  7. Oh i just found an older post-- 2 weeks on it and clear and more similar stories?? *crosses fingers*
  8. thanks for the advice aw 3 months, that's kind of disapointing, but I guess I'll just have to be patient
  9. hey, i just started using ziana about a week ago. It's the first time i'm really using acne meds (although i needed it a few months ago , but i was kinda in denial since I used to have nice skin until i turned 16 this year ) I haven't seen any results yet, and have a few questions: 1) how long do you tihnk it will take to see results? and also, will it really get much worse before it gets better? I have mild- moderate acne (about 15 small red pimples, which for some reason are only really o