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  1. Hi, I have an appointment scheduled for genius rf microneedling at a med spa. They are only going to treat my cheeks as that's where my scars are. I was wondering if I need to worry about having demarcation lines between the treated and non treated areas. I asked them and they said that it wouldn't happen. Just thought I'd ask here for a second opinion. Thanks.
  2. Yeah that was with filler. At $300 per scar you could easily spend a couple grand. I think Quanhenry also had some kind of filler for volume.
  3. @ScarRight He charged me $300 per subcision and $975 for field subcision.
  4. I've found a few places that offer infini near me. I've got a couple consultations scheduled. So hopefully I will feel comfortable enough with one of them to let them treat me. I have found a couple plastic surgeons that offer sculptra near me not sure if I will be able to afford it right now though. I'm still looking for someone that does subcision and tca cross near me. @beautifulambition Please do let me know if you get any leads for subcision in Ohio or Pittsburgh,PA area. I'm going to remo
  5. @CoconutRough It's hard to say a percentage. maybe 20% to 30% decrease in the depth of individual scars, but it didn't do much for the overall appearance. I didn't notice a whole lot of improvement from the field subcision. But it may have added a little volume. I know on my last visit to Novick my scars looked much better than my first visit in his bright light he uses, but I don't really notice any dramatic improvement for the price. @arug and @superburrito Thanks for your input. I think I've
  6. Thanks BA. I guess I kinda expected that answer. I didn't realize you need 3 of them. That's crazy amounts of downtime! I just feel I need some kind of resurfacing treatment and I'm afraid of fat loss (I think I already have some fat loss) I don't think I'll be able to go to Florida for treatment. I will probably have to find someone more local. I've already spent so much $$ traveling to Novick for meager improvements. I agree that I could still use more subcision, although the last time I was t
  7. I've been treating my scars for the last couple years. I've had some microneedling, and I've visited Dr. Novick 3 times. I've had field subcision and some individual subcisions. I've had some improvements, but I'm still not happy with my skin. My next step was going to be rf microneedling, but I'm having trouble finding someone in my area with alot of experience, and I'm worried about fat loss associated with energy devices. Anyway I recently came across a surgeon in my area who has some impress
  8. I've been treating my scars for the past year or so with subcision and microneedling. I started using retin a .025 a few weeks ago. I got a derminator and would like to use it soon. Should I stop using retin a for a week before the microneedling? Also do i need to stop using it before my next subcision in October? And when can I start using it again after each of these treatments? Thanks in advance for any info.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I'll keep searching for someone with more experience.
  10. It seems like infini is being recommended alot lately. And was recommended to me in a previous post I made. I was wondering how user dependent it is. I can only find one doctor near me offering it. It's pretty cheap there.($500 a session) but I'm worried that they are not very experienced with it. They couldn't show me any pictures of their own, just the ones from lutronic. So I'm wondering if its worth travelling to find someone more experienced or not. They didnt tell me what settings they wou
  11. @Obi wan Thanks for the info. Any idea where I would find someone that experienced with infini? I have only found one Doc Offering it near me, and I'm not sure how experienced they are. All the photos they showed me were from the company not from their office. I'm in Ohio, but would travel for the right Doc. Any suggestions appreciated.
  12. Thanks for the replies. So it sounds like I need to look into different treatments. I have read about tca peels and would like to try it. I've seen some people have gotten good results on this forum with tca cross and peels. The thought of acid on my face kinda freaks me out but i guess if i do my research and do a test spot first i should be ok. Laser on the other hand scares the hell out of me. I haven't read about too many people happy with their laser results. Do you guys think microneedling
  13. Hi all, I just started treating my scars last summer, and i'm planning on doing some more treatments this summer. Last year all i did was two sessions of dermapen at a med spa and had two of my scars subcised by novick. I haven't really noticed anything from the dermapen it may have actually made my texture worse but im not sure. Its been 3 months since my subcision with Novick and i do notice some slight improvement in those two scars but nothing to do cartwheels over. So i'm wondering what I s
  14. I didn't realize your body's own collagen could fill in the blanks left by the subcision. If that's true, then Dr. Rullan's method seems a little more long term. From what I understand your body will produce collagen to fill in the space left by subcision, but if you don't get filler you have to suction or the scars will just retether. I recently went to Novick and had subcision with filler on two scars and he said that the filler wasn't so much to fill in the scars but to stimulate my own co
  15. Lol! Same here. My beard area and forehead are the only places I have good skin on my face. It sucks! i've often wished all my scars were in my beard area so i could just grow a beard and be done with it instead of going through all these procedures. But nope right where my beard stops growing, the scars start.