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  1. That's a good point about the vaseline, maybe try regular lypsyl that worked ok for me too and it won't leave your lips all shiny. With the moisturiser i tend to use the aqueous one at night and let it sink in, and the oil free one during the day under make up, but i'm assuming you won't have that problem, haha. I was on antibiotics for years before i was even referred to a derm. Been on roaccutane for about three months now, just a couple of annoying cysts that don't seem to want to go. But g
  2. Hi, Good luck with the accutane. As for tips, moisturiser - i use Neutrogena simply clear as its oil free, but sometimes i need something better so i use aqueous cream. Lip balm, i bought every lip balm in Boots, but i find the best one is Vaseline - i use the aloe vera one indoors and the one with SPF when i'm outside. Hope that helps.
  3. Thanks for the tips etc people. Hopefully i'll be able to sort something out, would hate for it t ruin my day. xx
  4. Thanks for the reply. What is visine? and when i buy concealer do i buy a shade lighter than my skin tone or the same colour as my foundation?
  5. Hi all, I'm going to a function at the weekend and have a cyst on both my cheeks, obv they won't be gone by in time so i need to cover them. Any suggestions? They look pretty bruised so if i could cover them and disguise the bruises they might not look too bad. I'm in the UK so any product suggestions need to be available here. Thanks in advance people. x
  6. Also, if it is ok to do this the should i apply and leave overnight or apply leave for X amount of time and wash off?? Any tips would be much appreciated.
  7. Has anyone used aloe vera (straight from the plant) on cysts? Mine is a little painful and inflamed (long story) and i heard that aloe vera has healing qualities. However, will i make it any worse? I'd like to try this tonight so if anyone has any advice i'd love to hear from ya! xx
  8. I'm curently on roaccutane and have a recurring cyst on my cheek (about 1.5-2cm). I tried icing it and it went down a little, but not much. I read somewhere on these boards that Green tea on the skin should help. I drink a lot of green tea anyway so i decided to out a tea bag of the cyst to see what happened. Anyhoo, it shrank the cyst a little and a bit of crap also came of it, but then when i reapplied today the cyst went a dark brown colour, i think the tea has stained it or seeped in through
  9. Thanks, i'll try concelaer, but it's pretty dark. I thought maybe the tea had seeped into the skin on something. Anyone else had anything like this happen??