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  1. Why not cut off your dick and really make sure? I mean the acne might build a resistance and just touching your dick the wrong way might make it come back. You first.
  2. Going to Uni for the first time is really stressfull no matter how 'mature' you think you are or how sociable, outward going, flawlessly beautiful etc. I wasn't on accutane, although I had bad acne at the time of starting uni. I just considered myself nervous like anyone else but my acne got way bad about a week before leaving home and didn't calm down to normal levels until areound three months in when I guess I was more settled. You don't realise how much it can take out of you changing habit
  3. Hey Doopie, good luck with university. Don't miss classes because of the acne! Not ever. It's like smoking crack. Once you do it once, you'll do it again. I see you like Lauren Hill. Great great solo albumn. Best track is the last one. Have you heard Some Seek Stardom on Blunted To Reality by Fugees. The song aint the best but Lauren's rapping is PHENOMENAL. Probably my favourite Lauren rap ever. Go listen!
  4. Thankyou for the compliments skunkanansie. Your suggestion that me cracking funnies might merely be a series of coincidences took the edge off a tad. Still this log is hardly buckling under with audience appreciation so cheers missy. My psuedo final derm check was a roller coaster ride of emotion. As per usual, my positivity was met with silence and a sort of tutting expression. He yanked my head back to have a good look at his favourite patch - the severe cystic crop long past harvest under my
  5. barkbat

    Zha's Log

    You're totally right. If your acne clears how are you going to know which is the helper and how on earth do you then sensibly determine the length of accutane treatment? I mean you might clear on the combo but actually need accutane longer and never know it and then have to start the whole sorry mess again when the prednisone runs out and the acne returns! Your derm sounds crappy-crap-crap. I suggest a second opinion.
  6. I've been on accutane almost six months and have next to no oil on my face but this morning glory still happens to me. So oil is not a factor. when you wake up you get - less blood flow to raised side of body - puffy skin - poorer eyesight as your cornea starts reacting to light again. basically you look better only to yourself. once your eyes readjust proper you'll look the same.
  7. I'm just 2 weeks away from finising my sixth month on accutane, although my slow response to it means I may well be on it for another three months. Will find out next week. It's weird, I'm afraid the derm will say no more and I'll be left with skin that still breaks out, but I'm really afraid he'll freak out again about how nothings happening and that I'll be taking it way longer than normal and have fucked up sperm that makes mutant kids for life. I think it is still improving my skin, and soo
  8. I didn't want to make you feel like an idiot. And I am not a dermatoligist. I'm just forcing you to hear my honest, obviously slightly annoying opinion which is what the messageboard is all about. I will, just to rub salt in the wound, add that if you are confident the acne will get alot worse, then you should at least wait for the first bad breakout before starting just incase this current lull is the start of a wonderful recovery.... but its up to you.
  9. how exactly is this person your friend. I think you need to step back and really ponder how you benefit from a friendship like this.
  10. Katie you are a hands down bona fida case of NOT having acne in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM serious enough to take accutane. I would struggle to even classify you as having acne. I mean we are talking around three tiny red dots here and there. Do you know the risks? For skin so nice looking already how can all that accutane possibly be worth it? Why stress out your system, scar easier, go red, peel all over, FOR HALF A YEAR, when your body has done you proud and dealt with it? Sorry for whining but
  11. Good-looking drunk woman to good-looking drunk man, LOUDLY, as I walk past... 'God! Do you think its a curse?' For some reason, although I have had far more blunt proclamations of disgust from on-lookers, particularly at school, this one really hurt.
  12. I would like to try taking all those listed under the title to help my skin heal. It really takes AGES to heal anything these days, and I know those vitamins can aid skin tissue formation etc. Anyone know if this is okay? Or a site were this is discussed? I know you CANNOT take vitA. But zinc is heavily involved in vitA production in the body and I'm scared taking extra zinc will somehow increase vit A as well. Help needed and much appreciated.
  13. I got a particular bad case of heartburn a few weeks ago in that it lasted about two hours and every time I breathed in it really fuckin hurt. Sneeze and my heart would pop - that kind of pain. This HAS happened bfore but for maybe a minute. Not two hours! Thankfully in the five months I've been on tane it has happened only once. Oh and make sure if you can't take it with food take it with a liquid with FAT in it - not water. Tane is fat soluble and won't enter your system properly without fat
  14. What if its the other way round you bunch of dumb heads. What if when you are about to suffer a breakout, and therefore your testosterone levels are high, you also feel more horny and therefore are more likely to masterbate. I think that would neatly incorporate evigrexs science and everyone elses field research. to sum up HIGH TESTOSTERONE = ACNE FLARE UP + SERIOUS MASTERBATION. In no way does this imply acne is a result of masterbating. They are products of the same thing - hormones.
  15. I'm in Week 19, just 9 days away from starting month 6. Scary time flies how etc. I have actually seen a definate improvement. Cue man jumping up clicking heels together and skipping round street. However in fear of being punished by the same dark forces that avenged my previous positive post a month or so ago, I'll dig in with the bad news. I THINK i've got a cold sore. I never got one before ever, so I'm not sure what they are meant to be like, but its like a tingly spot in the corner of my