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  1. I have the same questions. I'm afraid it gets worse.
  2. I don't know what I have done to deserve this. Not because you guys have done anything to deserve this, but I don't get why some people say that it gets better at 16,17. It got more severe then it used to be mild before. Why did it get worse, that's weird. So in that case it doesn't only belong to puberty. Which I already knew, but it prooves that it's cause by many reasons. Inheritance is a large one I guess.
  3. If it wasn't for the acne maybe they would have hit on me. Or maybe it's just something with me that they don't like. I don't know however it sucks, cause I didn't like her. We weren't even friends er were more acquintances.
  4. I'm desperate too. What does the plastic surgery and frazel have to offer, what if it makes it worse
  5. Yeh but the scars are hidous. Perhaps with make-up and from dtsance but otherwise I'm displeased. That's why I'm taking anti-depressives. But I still miss to be able to feel again.
  6. I have become shy as a result of being misunderstood and called distgusting. Now I'm usually shy but that hasn't improved my acne. So I'm somehere in the middle I guess.
  7. hi :) thanks for ze friend add! :)

  8. Yeh I'm always overwhelmed normally so why not now? It's just to much to take in.
  9. It had happened to you too. Cause I know that acne makes you more vulnerable for these kind of events. But has it happened to you that people hit on your friend and calls her beautiful, while you knwo that you're more beautiful and have more to give if you just had a chance. Not because of the guy but because how it feel to be second best. I used to have a friend with hideous bacne and even on her face, not as much as I got later, but then I didn't have any acne, but for some reason guys used to
  10. I take zuprexa for anxiety. I'm glad for all those who are pleased with result and life. It's good to know that It ended well for some. For example Jessica Simpson. S´he took accutane for her acne. And she looks amazing I would do anything to trade life with her.
  11. I try to count the days that I haven't looked myself in the mirror, once I hadn't watched myself for like over one week. That is how ugly and depressed I was. Why did this happen to me? Wasn't my life hard enough.....
  12. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. My parents calls me shallow, annoying and things I don't even want to talk about. But since I'm so insecure and have bad self-esteem I can't use it as my advantage. Because the old me would get stronger and take advantage of the situation.
  13. It was worst the first weeks. I would get upset over everything, but then again I'm like that most of the time. I skipped a lot of classes in school but that was because I went to a shrink too. Big mistake. The shrink was too expensive and a phony and I had to read a whole year with a lot of annoying people who had lots of questions of course.
  14. Like every other pill they have side effects. But only in the beginning. It will be better and it's defenatly worth it. Having acne is hard enough. My big dilemma now is if I should take Diane or not. Cause if you have taken the tane what's the point of taking Diane. Which of them have the strongest effect on accutane.
  15. My surroundings too. They think they know everything and comes with their stupid advice that is to no good. My dad never was a sufferer, but he thinks he knows that chocolate effects and my mum's friends are still convinced that my acne is because of chocolate, allthough I have told them over and over again that I don't even eat chocolate, wholst my non ance sufferer friends eat it all the time. So what doesn that tell them? Nothing, they're so stubborn. By the way if acne is inherited how come