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  1. When I first found this website I went on dan's regimen religiously for months. My skin hated it. It got dry, red, irritated. I got red marks everywhere. It took me almost 9 months to rid myself of the acne and the marks. Your skin may not be agreeing with BP, I know mine wasn't. I switched to an Alpha Hydroxy Acid regimen and never looked back. I can actually enjoy this summer now because I can go swimming and camping without having to worry about applying makeup. My skin hasn't looked this go
  2. Green tea itself will probably do nothing to lift any red marks/hyperpigmentation. When I was still breaking out I did find frozen green tea bags to be useful at reducing the redness and inflammation of a large pimple. Things that will help red marks: 1)Alpha Hydroxy Acids: Mandelic, glycolic... 2)exfoliation: baby's hair brush, L'oreal's gentle microdermabrasion... 3)Vitamin e oil I have tried everything under the sun for my acne, and I have been clear skinned for almost 9 months now from
  3. Alpha Hydroxy Acid and exfoliation are the best ways to lift hyperpigmentation, or "red marks". I have been using a glycolic acid and mandelic acid serums (types of AHA's) for almost 8 months now. My skin is completely clear and my acne marks are barely visible. I did experiment with jojoba and still occasionally use vitamin e oil. I found jojoba to be not as useful as vitamin e oil. If my skin is dry, red, or irritated I like to mix a drop of vitamin e oil with my moisturizer and it really help
  4. I used BM for a full year before switching to EM. My skin was in the worst condition it has ever been while I was using it. They didn't have any colors that completely matched my skin tone, the staying power of the makeup is laughable-by the end of the day my normally matte/dry skin was an oil slick and the makeup seemed to separate on my face. Really poor quality/consistency. Way too expensive for a worthless product. I love everyday minerals-its the best makeup I have ever used.
  5. You're progress is exciting, but not unexpected! It all happened very quickly for me too, I hope things continue to go smoothly for you! It sounds like your really starting to understand your skin! let us know how things continue to progress!
  6. Its not melasma, its from using too much MaMa too frequently. This happened to me when I applied too much of the serum when I first started using it. I woke up with some dark blotches that felt kinda rough and a day or two later that skin peeled off and my skin looked just fine. So yes, your gut is right-it is too much MaMa. Your skin will be fine and back to normal within a couple days, but beware of applying too much because it will happen again and personally I find it more unsightly than ble
  7. I use "MaMa lotion" which is a 20% AHA serum, and Face Reality 10% glycolic acid serum.
  8. glycolic acid is a Alpha hydroxy acid. There are many types of AHA's glycolic is just one of them. My acne looked very similar to yours 4 months ago before I switched from the DKR to my new regimen. I have been clear for about 3 1/2 months now, just from using a 20% aha serum. Personally I think serums are the way to go. I considered using an AHA (glycolic) cleanser, but logically speaking-applying an aha product to the skin for about 2-3 minutes then rinsing is not going to give you a fraction
  9. none here. I have been clear for about 3 1/2 months now. On the DKR I had about 4-10 inflamed pimples at all times. Once I quit and switched to my new regimen I haven't been breaking out at all. AHA rules.
  10. I REALLY like the "pixie cut" look (the third one) I like that its a more modern version of the pixie cut-in that its choppier, airier, and has more texture in general. Short hair that is mostly straight is a very nice clean look, its incredibly easy to maintain. The only thing you need to master is the skill of creating texture. in my opinion short hair doesn't look so great when its very flat. You want to define your style. I have to warn you though that, before you even think about going to a
  11. I agree that Mac is great at giving fantastic coverage, but it also causes MANY people to break out. Pretty much every girl I know can only use mac for a special occasion because there are so many chemicals and fillers in their makeup. Don't get me wrong-great coverage-awesome pigments, but I would not risk a further breakout by using it. If I were you I would go for a healing concealer+ tinted moisturizer + setting powder-or just go for mineral makeup. If you look at makeupalley.com you can fin
  12. Hmm...I guess it just goes to show how different we all are. It took me 3 months to clear from OTC regular. I have been clear of inflamed acne for about 3 months now. My periods are easy-I barely get cramping-I barely get PMS. Overall everything is a lot better. According to what I read you've got about a 50% chance of OTC clearing you. For a lot of people it tends to be the right hormone combination but it does not however have the highest concentration of estrogen out there (which is what gene
  13. Is English not your first language? I'm just curious because of the words you have misspelled...Anyways, spending a lot of time in the sun does break a lot of people out-and some people swear by tanning to treat their acne. It really all depends on the person, if you broke out badly shortly after spending too much time in the sun maybe it does have a negative impact on your skin and you should stop spending too much time in the sun without sunscreen. As for using a sunburn treatment for your acn