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  1. yeah, i think ill just get it prescribed by my family doctor, im sick of putting creams on my face, sick of taking pills twice a day with food, sick of having acne, period.
  2. okay, so ive tried every topicals out there and all the antibiotics, now its time for me to go on accutane. i have seen 3 different dermatologists and my family doctor, and they all best believe accutane is my best and only option left. Now, my question is, who should i get to prescribe me accutane? my family doctor or a dermatologist. the wait time whenever you go see a dermatologist is ridiculous, at least an hour if not longer, and when the dermatologist sees you, they are in and out of the r
  3. okay ive washed it off and now it looks even redder than before i had put the aspirin on.. sigh.
  4. okay so i got 3 uncoated aspirin tablets and placed it on my hand and added some warm water to it to make a paste, now that i have applied it on, is it suppose to be stinging??? and i wanted to have it on for the whole night, but this stinging sensation makes me want to wash it off asap. help pleeeeease did i do something wrong?!
  5. yeah i guess that does make sense the constant amount in your body
  6. btw does anyone know what their doxyclycline pill looks like? mines is a BIG green pill that has "pfizer" written on it, sigh i hate big pills and why the heck is it green?!
  7. im just curious to why some derms will prescribe u an antibiotic to be taken twice daily, (50mgx2) and some will prescribe you to just take it once daily at (100mgx1). is there a reason behind taking it twice a day? more derms prescribe twice daily than once daily from what i know of. is it more successful? does it get rid of acne faster?
  8. are there any fruits u shouldnt eat too much of that may cause more acne??? i find mango makes me break out , but maybe thats jsut me
  9. My joint pain went away after about the first 2 to 3 weeks of my Accutane course. However, I have seen some people complain of discomfort after their course. I suspect they are a small minority however. I came out of A a completely different person - happier and more confident than before. If you decide to go ahead with it, I wish the same for you.
  10. do the joint pain go away after u go off accutane? and same with other sideeffects, do they go away as well, the depression etc, i dont want to come out of accutane as a completely different person.
  11. its just weird to see that you guys have mild-moderate acne and are willing to go to accutane to fix that, while im here with more serious acne and im just too worried...so i keep avoiding it =(
  12. hey all, i havent been on these forums for a while, anyways i always had moderate-severe type acne, ive tried every cream there is and minocin has always worked for me until it started giving me an upset stomach and then i had to go off. I've been off minocin for 3-4 months and it is looking... horrendously ugly. My dermatologist had suggested that i go on accutane, i have university studies coming in sept and i could start on accutane tomorrow if i wanted to. My question is: 1) Whats the initia