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  1. Hi!! dans fash wash doesn't fully remove my makeup. Is it ok to use the Miceller Cleansing water with a cotton ball first to remove the makeup, then begin the regimen?
  2. I am heading to week 3 of regimen and I just started to peel and flake. How long does this last ? Any tips on helping it?
  3. I know it says to do the regimen every 10-12 hours but sometimes I don't get to do it at night till 11pm and then my morning which is at 7 am so it's only a 8 hour window sometimes. Is this ok that it's so close apart?
  4. So is it normal to have some painful purging breakouts?
  5. Going into my second week on the regimen . I am starting to purge which I know is normal but also the acne is a bit painful . I can feel it when I speak and move my jaw. Is this normal? Is this part of purging? How long does purging last? Please anyone.
  6. What about one month after the regimen? Shouldn't I use the Aha to help with my redness and scaring? If so , do I only use it on those affected areas?
  7. If I am only using the benzoyl peroxide on certain areas of my face, do I do the same with aha? For instance I am not putting the BP on my forehead at all , will I be putting the aha on my forehead once I start using it?
  8. Thank you!!!!! Such a huge help!!!!!
  9. Can anyone please recommend me a good face spf to mix with the moisturizer? During the regimen? And that doesn't cause breaking out?
  10. So I only put it on the problem areas??
  11. I only have acne on my cheeks and left lower jar. Do I still need to use BP all over the place? I don't want to cause breakouts when I never had them in a certain spot. What do you recommend?
  12. To do this treatment effective , can we use our own cleanser and moisturizer.? And just use acne.org BEnzoyl peroxide? Or is it a must to buy all 3 for results???
  13. I wear makeup everyday . Will the acne cleanser remove all the makeup . Anyone recommend it ? I bought the whole regimen but I do wear makeup everyday and wasn't curious .
  14. When using benzoyl peroxide , can you use use it on your problem areas if the whole face doesn't have acne? Or do u must use on the whole face?