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    (Hopefully) my progress
  2. as a former picker who has seen great results from keeping my hands away from my face, i'll tell you that picking is one of the main culprits in the spread of acne. since i've stopped picking a month ago, i've had many fewer whiteheads (about 2 per week, down from 2 every other day). i'm still dealing with the occassional whiteheads -- waiting until they resolve themselves before i begin battling the residual scarring. another important caveat: if you're pimples have become whiteheads, you
  3. I just finished reading Dr. Perricone's book THE ACNE PRESCRIPTION in which he links acne breakouts to inflammation caused by eating high-glycemic-indexed foods. I'm looking for a few good folks to try the three day diet w/ me and compare notes. You can check out the book froma library or go to a bookstore read the first few chapters and copy the three-day diet. I have a friend who went from zit-world to clear and beautiful. She says this diet was her savior. Send me a note if you'd like
  4. Not Again

    Male 40 old

    i'm in my early 30s w/ the same problem. you should try a soap called BASIS (or Neutrogena or another soap for sensitive skiin). acne makes us feel like our faces are dirty and we need a "deep" clean. "deep" cleaning products can be harsh, irritate your skin, and make it red. i used to wash my face 4 times a day. it was red and had a cooked look to it. now i'm on the regimen (day 2, wish me luck). and i'm using a mild cleansed (which i have been using for about a month now). w/ the mild c