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  1. hi, i just had a restylane treatment for 2 of my acne scars, and it seems that after a week later, the effects of restylane for one scar is fading away... is it possible to go in a week later and ask the doctor for a touch up treatment? is this normal practice? thanks
  2. hi, i just had .4ml of restylane injected in two of my saucer shaped scars on my left cheek... it looks like a bit of a lump, but will the lumpy area decrease a little or is that the way it is? thanks
  3. i just had a consult today with a doc who does fillers, and he says that fillers are only good for rolling acne scars, and not for boxcars or other types of indentations. is he right, because i look at the other posts and it seems like a filler can improve all types of scars and indentations except for icepick types.
  4. hey resurectionisneeded, how many treatments in total of the roll CIT did you get? thanks
  5. i think my settings were in that range too, i think i remember the doctor saying 70mj.
  6. there is a doctor in new york, named Geronemus who has it now and does it...
  7. how do you book an appointment with Dr. Chu in London as a U.S. citizen? do you have to go through the NHS or just call directly to his secretary and book an appointment as private pay? thanks
  8. which doctor did you get the excision from? where is he located? thanks
  9. as i described in a previous post i have done activeFX with Dr. Seckel. i have also done 3 treatments of palomar 1540. my last palomar 1540 treatment was on august 18th, and i had my activefx procedure on june 1st, which has almost been 4 months past... so far, i have not seen any type of result, just the same, no changes. so i am kind of lost... it's been almost 4 months total after all these expensive treatments... shall i continue on with palomar 1540 and get 3 more treatments, or shall i
  10. hey, i did activeFX, i had my entire face done. Dr. Seckel performed the procedure. i have a cluster of pitted scarring concentrated on one area of my left cheek, and a bunch of tiny scars on my right that don't look good in the aggregate, i think these are ice picks... anyway, i did the procedure on June 1st, and it has been almost 4 months, and i don't see any improvement on my scars or tone or texture. everything looks the same... thankfully, no extra damage was done. after the procedure
  11. hey, does anyone know of any docs that do excision, punch floats, or anything like that in the New England area? thanks
  12. hey everyone, i hear that the dermaroller (i assume the one with 1.5mm needles that Dr. Chu uses) is effective on shallow scarring. i have a lot of tiny scars on my left cheek that don't look good in the aggregate under direct lighting. and then on my right cheek i have a cluster of saucer shaped pits that are not very noticeable in dim lighting, but look really bad in direct lighting. would the dermaroller work for the saucer shaped pits? thanks
  13. hey, everyone seems to get good results with needling. Dr. Chu sounds like a good doctor but it's too far from the States. Does anyone know of any doctor in Canada, maybe Toronto, or the New England area? thanks
  14. was it a fractional CO2 or a regular CO2 treatment?