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    Beauty and Holistic Therapy, Musical Theatre, Loved ones & Family, Girly nights out, Cosying up with a book or film and a bottle of rose :)
  1. Wow, you look extremely attractive, judging by your pictures!

  2. Hey Ladies Quick post with a few questions. I came off dianette 2months ago after taking it for 18 months, it completely cleared my back and chest where I often had a few spots. My face however was never 100% clear or even 80% which i would be quite happy with. I came off dianette because my doc wanted me to and also because untill now I hadn't been having periods and I wanted to see if I would start having periods - I am glad to say I am 19 I am finally having periods woohooo I am not turning
  3. Let it peel as it is supposed to, don't use any more exfoliant's or chemicals... Eventually the peeling will subside and you'll have fresh new skin surface. I agree, once your skin has finished peeling I would suggest only exfoliating your face 1/2 times a week with a really gentle exfoliator as part of your skin care routine. Dermalogica's daily microfoliant is really good because it is not a scrub although it's a bit pricey. I have not used tretinoin cream but I also hate the way found
  4. Do you wet shave? Id recommend dry shaving with an electric razor - my bf finds he gets a lot less ingrown hairs/shaving spots when he dry shaves compared to when he wet shaves. Also I'd recommend using a gentel exfoliator 24 hours after shaving, this helps to prevent ingrown hairs. There are also different types of ingrowing hairs, the best way to remove it depends on what type it is. Coiled Ingrown Hair This looks like a black head or a dome in the skin. It should be gently squeezed or
  5. I'm sorry but why are you being so harsh towards me I didnt join this for fun!?!

  6. Hey Mandy! I'm new and just read all your accutane log - you seem so lovely and by the response you get I think everyone else must agree! Honestly there is a huge improvement in your skin and I hope you get that rash sorted out! I understand what you mean about make up I've experimented with it since I was 11 so I'm pretty good at it and no one really knows what my skin is like without the stuff! I really wish I could go on accutane - I'm currently on Erythomycin antibiotics which I'm doubtful
  7. Hey, just read your accutane journey so fair. I hope everything with your mum is ok and your skin is improving! I feel like a got a lot in common with you I've had a shit few years and I've also tried most of the crap you have without any results. Im currently on Erythromycin but I'm not hopeful - seems like no one has had decent results with it - just another thing to try before I

  8. Hey, I completely understand how you feel. I too avoid pools, beach etc It sucks!! I'm a girl and I know this is sexist but you kinda expect body acne with boys but girls are meant to be the fairer sex I just feel so un feminine. My face could be better but most of the tme its ok - its my chest and back that is bad. I can't believe Im actually writing this I havent told anyone except my mum and my doc. I can't wear the tops I really want to and I get so jealous of girls who can wear whatever the