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  1. I know what you're talking about. I got this horrible mirror in this horrible light - you see everything! So - I took it down.
  2. I don't know really.. just got all these red/brown marks everywhere- can anyone tell how long it will take for them to fade or dissapear?
  3. I'm sorry for my bad English because I'm from Sweden so.. I'm a girl, 18 yrs old. I hate when I look myself in the mirror. The acne problems really started this winter ( we got really cold winters here, and it always get better in the summerime ) But this winter it was nothing like before. I got all these red marks now, but i don't have so many new ones though. Can anyone tell me how long it will take for those red marks to fade and dissapear? Any good tips? Because, i fee
  4. jag är också från sverige- Köpte häromdagen på apoteket 5 %. Men jag undrar vad för slags återuktare jag ska använda? Någon som går att få tag på svenksa apotek alltså - några tips?