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  1. Does anyone know what the shelf life of the benzoyl peroxide treatment is? I can't remember when I bought it, but I know it had to be well over a year ago. It's in the light blue packaging as opposed to the white packing that the products have now. Is it still safe to use? I was thinking of switching back to benzoyl peroxide and I basically have a full tube of this stuff, so it would be such a waste for me to have buy a new one.
  2. I actually ordered this after reading about it. Couldn't resist lol. I've always had dark lips (top is darker than bottom as well) and I've never liked the color of them. I looked around the site and discovered that they only ship to the US for orders over $20. Soooo I searched ebay and found someone who was selling a bunch of them for cheaper. I ordered 2 but I won't be getting them in the mail for 2-3 weeks. But I'll tell you if it works once I get it!
  3. I honestly think that BP is the cause of warts in this case. I have a tiny one on the palm of my left hand and I think there's another one forming on the palm of my right hand as well. I've NEVER had a wart in my life...until i started using BP. I didn't even know what it was at first...it looked like a little blister but it wouldn't go away after a few months so I ruled that out. I haven't tried any treatments yet but yeah...if anyone has any suggestions, that would be helpful. lol
  4. The spot eliminating gel worked reallllly well for me, but I think my skin got used to it and now it doesn't work as well. I also liked the scrub in the beginning...but then I realized that it was actually clogging my pores after a few months of daily use (2x a day). The scrub also doesn't feel like a scrub at all, but those two products did help control my acne for awhile...the problem is that they eventually lose their effectiveness after a few months.
  5. Use the tanning goggles! I read somewhere that the lights in the tanning machines can be extremely harmful to your eyes and that the skin of your eyelids are too thin to prevent blocking any damage.
  6. Is it safe to say that if MAC's concealer doesn't make me break out, their bronzer won't make me break out as well? I know that the formulas are different but I'm having the hardest time trying to find a nice bronzer that won't make me break out. Everday Minerals started making my face red so I guess I'm allergic to that... I'm still waiting on my Aubrey Nicole samples though. Oh and I use bronzer instead of using blush to mainly highlight my cheekbones because my skin is naturally medium-ton
  7. I work at Victoria's Secret! Do you know how hard it is to be around their merchandise for hours on end, and having to force myself not to buy everything in the store? My paychecks just go straight back to the store lol
  8. Leg Avenue has some hot costumes [post=http://www.legavenue.com/costumes]http://www.legavenue.com/costumes maybe you can get some ideas from there
  9. Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine! I use the Fortifying Deep Conditioner 3 Minute Masque but they also have the Fortifying Cream Conditioner in bottle form. It makes your hair shiny, easier to manage, and I love the smell. My hair actually feels "stronger" (as corny as that sounds) like the commercials advertise. I have naturally frizzy/wavy hair and I straighten it everyday, which equals severe hair damage I think that it's actaully formulated for dry/brittle hair anyway and it's pretty cheap
  10. I got a sample of the Everyday Bronzer and I don't like it, it's got sort of a reddish tint to it. My skin is naturally a medium color but my face is wayyy lighter than my body at the moment as well. I wouldn't recommend it, especially if you have fair skin.
  11. Does anybody know how to use the free shipping? Is it the "In-Store Pickup" option?