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  1. stop eating the ice cream and see how it goes, experiment with a broader spectrum of products.
  2. Listen to black flag [][][][]. -Depression -Can't Decide Black flag definetely helps you stop feeling sorry for yourself. ohh, and the Darkness song "growing on me" is about a big pimple.
  3. My friends once insisted on watching the proactiv infomercial to "laugh at the people with acne". They of course all have clear skin. I dumped all of them after high school.
  4. There are so many ways, so its hard to say which way is the easiest. Death is around every corner and will pounce on you at any moment without notice. There was a story in the local paper quite recently: A man was changing a light bulb on a ladder, he was high up. He fell off and broke ribs, he dies painfully shortly after leaving his wife and kids. The most valuable thing in life is time, even more so than money. I can't sympathize with people who are suicidal. There are so many things you c
  5. Get "clean & clear" brand oil absorbing sheets. The manufacturer is johnson and johnson i think. They are small squared papers that suck up all the excess oil. I don't know what country you are in but they are definetely available in the US and Canada.
  6. Its worse to get scars if you're a woman, because its "not socially acceptable". If you're a guy some scars may make you look tough (only if you have confidence as well). Acne doesn't make you look tough even if you are confident.
  7. DavidDunlop

    Why dan?

    We do?!!?!??!!? You sure about that? :-s
  8. Taking steroids is like asking for acne, seriously. Your balls also shrink as well.