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  1. Stephaniejaane


    My before and after starting the birth control pill - Yasmin I started taking it on the 28th January 2017
  2. The birth control pill yasmin has almost completely cleared my skin, after having acne for 12 years, if you would consider trying that?
  3. I understand this completely! During university I would spend up to an hour applying my makeup before I even could leave my room and go to the bathroom with fear of my housemates seeing my skin. To solve the time issue I use foundations that can be applied in one layer in less the 5 minutes - covering all my acne. It didn't have to look perfect just enough to be presentable in my staying in days. Some of the most full coverage foundations I've found are the seventeen stay time foundation, Elf ac
  4. Great acne smoother and coverage

    This is a great concealer for smoothing out and reducing the appearance of bumps and raised acne. Its one of the only concealers I have found that works with my pale skin and doesn't increase the texture on my face like other thicker and cream concealers. It is full coverage and is amazing at spot concealing. This lasts all day on my acne and I use it everyday! Is also a great under eye concealer too as it doesn't increase texture such as under eye bags. [Admin merge of duplicate review: This
  5. Great for acne, not great for oily skin

    This is a really good foundation to appear reduce the texture of acne. Due to it being thin and very runny, it doesn't make bumps and spots appear bigger than they already are, and instead soothes them out! That being said however, many acne sufferers have very oily skin, therefore this does not last longer than 4 hours on my skin, beginning to look oily with that "I've had this foundation all day" look. I've used this foundation on and off for over a year and that is the only flaw I can point
  6. Works somewhat

    I'm 21 and have had acne since i was 9. I went on this medication when I was 14 and it fully cleared my acne. However, after a few months, my acne started to appearing again and I wasn't getting the results I wanted so I stopped taking it. I am now 21 and have been on it a year and it has helped, however only slightly. I stick with it as it is so much better than my full blown face of acne! I know also have more hormonal and cystic acne as oppose to teenage acne all over my face. I'
  7. I have acne primarily on my lower cheeks, jaw etc. In this area it is largely due to a hormonal imbalance. The products I have used that have benefited my hormonal acne have been simple cleaners twice a day and ensure after workouts etc. your face is washed. Moisturiser after washing is also essential as if your skin is dried out it will tend to produce more oil - thus leading to more acne. As far as actual medications that have worked - the antibiotic lymcyline slightly reduced my hormonal
  8. Amazing coverage, beautiful satin finish

    This foundation has amazing coverage, covering all my acne and redness in one layer when applied with my hands then stippled in. I would advise not to apply this with a brush as it made my acne look more bumpy and noticeable - only with my hands did I get the smoothing affect. it dries to a beautiful satin finish that makes the skin look perfect. Powder and setting spray does however have to be applied as this foundation will not last all day by itself. I will however note that the lightest sh
  9. Oxidises, oily, caused cystic acne

    upon applying this foundation, even the lightest shade was too dark. It also makes the texture of acne look even worse! The foundation oxidises throughout the day, looking very orange - by no means a natural shade. I have given it 2 stars because it is very full coverage and covers all redness. The foundation does not stay on for very long and became oily after just a few hours. After just a few uses of this foundation, my acne broke out in cystic acne. I have re-visited this foundat
  10. I tend to use a primer under foundation if I wish to disguise deep pores or pitted acne scaring. The elf studio mineral infused primer is the primer I have found works best for this. You apply it once then use a stippling brush or a flat buffing brush to properly push it into the hole to essentially fill it in by stippling it in. I use the Real Techniques stippling brush. I then apply a thin full coverage foundation over this to avoid raised acne looking bigger such as the Revlon colourstay or
  11. Cleans everything!

    This is the most intensive cleanser I have ever used! Other cleansers simply do not remove all my excess makeup etc that must be removed before bed! I have used this for over 4 years therefore my skin has gotten used to it. It can however be very harsh on the skin and other that have used it (not as religiously as me) tell me it stings greatly and feels damaging. I continue its use however as I'm yet to find a more sensitive cleanser that cleans my face this much. Extensive moisturiser is re
  12. Normal/dry skin formula works!

    Been using this foundation for over 4 years now! I would like to note however that I use the normal/dry skin formula as the oily formula breaks me out massively! Besides this slight flaw in marketing as they are basically completely different foundations, I used this foundation when my acne was at its worst and it was the only foundation that stay put the entire day and provides full coverage.
  13. Cleared acne but side effects

    I've had severe acne for over 12 years, since the age of 9. I've tried various over the counter and prescribed creams/ gels etc. I also took various anti-biotics as prescribed by my dermatologist. These worked somewhat however not dramatic differences were seen. I have tried every lotion and potion and skin "hack" under the sun. Yasmin cured my acne within a few months. Of course my skin is severely scared however it has cleared almost all my cystic acne and my complexion is so much clearer! Of