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  1. I take a chelated zinc suppliment every day with my dinner. I also take a general multi-vitamin with breakfast. The combination of vitamins A & C, with Zinc seems to work very well. It's more long-term though; it might take a few weeks for you to see any effect, but after a month or so your skin will be glowing and you'll find fewer and fewer new spots appearing. It also helps to fade red marks, although they might have faded anyway, I have no way of knowing!
  2. I've had a lot of success keeping my skin and body hydrated by drinking around 2 -3 litres of water a day. I used to only drink about 1 litre a day, and not only was my skin dreadful but also I was always tired and headache-y. An easy way to drink more water is just to have a glass or bottle with you. So if you're at work, school, uni or whatever, just have a bottle of water right there on your desk. You'll always be absent mindedly picking it up and swigging from it. 5 or 6 500ml bottles of w
  3. I've had my red marks for 3 years. Only slightly faded.
  4. Yeah it's alright for some. You can't get cosmetic treatments (that's what it is) on the NHS, and private treatment is really expensive. Still, you could save up for it by not buying loads of other crap. What I found worked best is a gentle face wash twice a day, but above all plenty of water (more than you currently drink), and a regular sleep pattern (nb I didn't say lots of sleep, just a regular sleep pattern; sleeping and waking at the same time each day) ps. I've been away a long time!
  5. Ok so you think its worth drinking lactose-free milk for a couple of months?
  6. I gave up all dairy for 3 months, and saw a major improvement in my skin. My question is, is it the lactose that causes acne, or something else? Lactofree says they're real cows milk with the lactose removed, so would this be a good alternative, or is it something else (hormones etc) that causes it?
  7. I've had acne since I was about 13. It was really bad for 2 years, and I still have a bit now. I still have bad red marks, and I take Zinc + plenty of water.
  8. I'm 18, and if it carries on the way its going, it will have cleared up hopefully by the time I'm 20.
  9. So what would happen if a guy went on birth control? Actually, I've always wondered that.
  10. I got these Skin, hair and nails tablets from Sainsbury's. Does anyone know if any of the ingredients will actually help with acne/red marks: Each tablet typically provides: Quantity %RDA Vitamin D 5 micro g 100 Vitamin E 40mg 400 Vitamin C 60mg 100 Thiamin 8mg 571 Riboflavin 4mg 250 Niacin 18mg 100 Vitamin B6 10mg 500 Folic Acid 400 micro g 200 Vitamin B12 9 micro g 900 Biotin 45 micro g 30 Pantothenic Acid 40 mg 667 Iron 12mg 86 Magnesiu
  11. Tea tree is well known to be good for clean skin, because of its antibacterial properties. It's also anti-inflammatory, so it should help to reduce any swollen redness on your face. It's better for getting rid of active acne though tbh, I haven't had much success with red marks.
  12. 1) The night before the night beofre (IE Wednesday night), crush up some iboprofen, and mix it wit your moisturiser and leave it on overnight. Then wash it off in the morning. 2) Thursday evening, wash your face with body temperature water and a mild, soap-free facial wash. Don't put anything on your face. 3) Friday morning, don't do anything to your face whatsoever. Don't have a shower Friday morning. Have one Thursday evening and wear a load of antiperspirant or something. You could skip st
  13. Try doing exactly what you do now, but minus the cloth. I had a lot of success with VitC/Zinc, so take more of them, particularly Zinc. Just make sure you take them together