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  1. Hang in there. I have been in your shoes. Accutane really worked for me. it took 4 to 6 months to control I think. Dermatologist would tell you best. Please do not stress as its not good ,you would get more breakout....read a book ,watch movies etc. And accutane makes it worse initially. It should be able to suppress acne if its your 3rd month. When is your next visit to the doctor ? They might adjust your dose.
  2. Same story man! Anyways suggestion one- Accutane, really works. Go to a dermatologist and get it, if u have not tried before. And don't quit on life because of acne.
  3. I would suggest you to go for the accutane... just make it possible, Eating healthy did not helped me much. I did the same mistake, now I have scarring as well. If you control it at the right time you can safe it from scarring. I know without insurance is very expensive perhaps. However, if you can afford it or someone can financially support you I strongly suggest you to go for a dermatologist/accutane. 1. If everything fails, yes controling junk and dairy food is your best friend although qu
  4. Seriously its nothing! You are overthinking, Anyways I would suggest you to visit a dermatologist to handle it at this stage should be easier. And you can safe urself from scarring. However, I really don't think you have a bad skin. Two months of dermatologist treatment should do the trick of making it clearer.
  5. I actually googled for a dating site for acne and ended up here on this latest forum! Glad I was'nt the only one thinking along those lines. And sad that no such thing exists atleast not yet. Do post if you guys find something please ....