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  1. Boooooooooo u're just fishing for compliments! LOL But I give it to u anyway just so u feel better. U look great, nice hair, don't see any acne, very cute, I'm sure lotsa gals wanna go out wif u (just read the thread most of em wanna go out wif u). U just need a boost on the confidence level. Other than that, u spot on.
  2. LOL yea I attempted suicide a few times over the years. And once I ended up in the hospital and had to have my tummy pumped and multiple injections and blood check coz of all the gunk i ate in the process. So here's my two cents, living is hard yea and dying sounds easy but I hafta warn u that the process of dying is hard. I mean when u kill urself and u just die peacefully yea it is fine I suppose but if u suffer before actually dying well...let just say i regret if when my stomach was being pu
  3. heehehe cool topic. let see, to magically change myself..ermm...smaller nose. ermm perfect flawless and translucent skin all over. lose summore weight and maintain the weight i want while eating whatever i want. hehe more volume to my hair. i want 20/20 vision wif silver or grey eyes. ehehhe erm.. also maybe have slightly smaller feet (don't wanna look like freak) coz i'm like 5'11 1/2 tall, so have big feet which makes it hard to find women's shoes in asia. lol to change myself the non-magic
  4. hate having to put makeup whenever i wanna go out. wish i could just get up and go.
  5. If that is all you really want and need go to Thailand and your prayers will be answered. No joke. LOL :doh:
  6. I like most about me but less about myself.... err does that make sense?
  7. Yup, I love aloe vera gel. It makes my skin soft. It doesn't feel oily and it doesn't make it dry either. I'm using FOTE at the moment coz I can't find anything else except banana boat and I dunno if that is as good. Also use aloe gel on my legs after shaving, feels great! eheh
  8. have those too! when i stretch my skin it looks like small white bumps but if i don't stretch my skin, it is not visible at all. looks like i have smooth clear skin. It is all over the spot over my upper lip n below my nose and also my chin, especially below my lower lip if i stretch it. also area around my mouth. i dunno what they are, they won't go away but they don't turn into big zits either so i basically leave it alone.
  9. Question! I've been using ACV for weeks now and it is great except for the smell! Anyway, I'm thinking of changing it to lemon or lime juice instead coz it smell better. Maybe like squeeze some in small bottle dilute wif water or green tea and leave in fridge and use as toner every morning and nite. Question is I just wanna know if lemon juice juice works as great as ACV toner. Or ACV is always better? Anybody knows? Thanx in advance!!
  10. hullo!! woot! yeah glad to see some Malaysians eventhough not many. BP is a bit hard to find here especially the 2.5% but I found PanOxyl which has 2.5, 5 and 10%. The 2.5 is about RM15 for a 40g tube. I think its lot cheaper than Oxy. Guardians and any other big pharmacies selling it. But BP smell is terrible i think, keep wanting to throw up whenever i slop it all over my face. Now trying natural remedies which are brilliant! Good luck all!! Cheers!