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  1. The girl is not wrong. It's not your scars. You're ugly in general. With or without them.
  2. Tca peel with microneedling is probably the only way to improve to a good level till the "polarity" comes. Let's hope we don't get another delusional thread that goes on for 11 years
  3. So in the last 2 weeks, My skin has been forming acne scars faster than ever! I've literally gained like 5 new scars in the last 2 weeks. I EVEN GAINED ONE UNDER MY EYE! Someone please tell me how to stop this and get rid of the new acne scars!!! This is happening way to fast!
  4. Instead of using makeup everyday. How about wearing a acne treatment everyday. I wish i still had acne. I would of worn acne treatment everyday. But i have scars. Makeup doesn't do much for me
  5. Stick to your regime and start drinking water instead of milk. I cut out dairy for a year and most of acne left. Also it does get worse if you dont. You could develop acne scars and ruined your skin permanently. Consider yourself lucky and stick to it so you can experience clear skin.