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  1. Fasting for 16-24 hours a day does wonders to balancing hormones and blood sugar. Giving your body a break from digestion to “clean up” your insides is key to clear skin. When your body stops digesting food insulin will stop being released after about 8 hours so then Human Growth Hormone will activate in your body to repair, heal and grow all of your cells. This is key for anti aging and clear skin. Skip breakfeast & eat later in the day. LOOK UP INTERMITTENT FASTING FOR HELPING CANCER, DIAB
  2. What fruits do you notice make you break out? I wonder if it's why I am still getting acne too.
  3. Well those "broscience health blogs" I've been following and in 6 months my cystic acne was 98% gone & I lost weight. I am just trying to help & spread knowledge on what worked for me & what works for other people. Following these tips gave me better health overall as well. we are all made differently & im sorry nothing worked for you. I still get breakouts but nothing like 5-6 months ago.
  4. Eliminate the cereal, I assume it is made of gluten/grains/some sugars? That all leads to inflammation. Eliminate the coffee too, switch to green tea & lemon water. I would drink Kombucha & eat more sauerkraut. You need probiotics to kill off bad bacteria in your gut
  5. Acne is a sign of an imbalance in your body (hormones and/or bacteria). Take this sign of acne as a positive message to rebalance your body & become a healthier and happier person. Don't get frustrated, don't get angry, be thankful for your body letting you know something is off track. of course skin care is important but so is what you put in your body. AVOID: dairy, gluten, sugar, grains, alcohol, coffee, vegetable oils, and any processed junk that comes in a package, high glycemi