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  1. Little update. Still going strong with Cetaphil and Jojoba. No new breakouts. Skin is very smooth. Very pleased. Need to get a new razor blade though ... starting to get a bit painful to shave .
  2. It has been a while since I've written hear. Regimen has changed along with the weather. In the winter my skin is definately a lot more drier. Especially where I live, the water is really hard as well. So, I've cut my routine down to a one-two step regimen. Mornings I just wash with Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser. Evenings I wash again with Cetaphil, and apply Jojoba Oil (the Dessert Essence brand). I'm loving both these products as it is my first time using them. I did get an IB with Jojoba but
  3. Exciting news; I actually went out and bought the Garnier Toner today. Used it for the first time tonight. First of all, the packaging is horrible, leaks like a bitch and hard to get the right amount out. Also, I haven't shaved in a few days so my face is really scruffy. Nonetheless, initial reaction from the toner is positive. It is scented, but not too strong or unbearable. Got rid of all the gunk on my skin and left it feeling very smooth and fresh. All in all, it's been a good day. The break
  4. Missed a few days but had a busy weekend. I ended up going home, but I did not take my cleanser with me. There's usually some decent/gentle cleanser at home, but not this weekend. The only things available were Spectro Gel for combo skin (which has alcohol in it) and Vichys Normaderm Cleanser (which also has alcohol and a lot of other bad stuff). So needless to say, my skin is not up to par starting this week. I have about 4 pimples, small/medium sized. All of them however are already in the pro
  5. Missed yesterday, but things are looking pretty good. The 3 small zits I mentioned more or less disappeared, BUT I have one small (but very much visible) white head on my chin that is pretty much asking to be popped. I might just do so tomorrow morning. Other than that, no significant change. I did however, start mixing the emu oil with the Olay moisturizer at night, just to save to time and it works pretty well. I just put a drop in the blob of moisturizer and spread it on my face (usually do t
  6. That sounds like a good idea. It wouldn't matter though that there's S.A. in the moisturizer right? And I think I'm only going to use this at night anyways, so blotting won't really come up.
  7. Second day and things are looking OK. There are 3 small zits on my jawline (left side of the face). I hope it's not from the emu oil, because I really like it. It feels greasy when I first put it on, but in the morning my skin was ridiculoulsy soft and looked great. Anyways, I'll see how things go tomorrow morning I guess.
  8. I used to get a lot of stinging when using TTO. Are you just using it on it's own? Maybe try diluting it with some water, and applying it like a toner? The hives sound a bit odd though, won't lie hahah. Could be an allergic reaction... try applying the TTO to another part of your body, like a small spot on your arm, and see if the splotches show up there as well.
  9. So I guess this is officially Day 1, but with some changes. I didn't find the Garnier Toner at my grocery store (and was too lazy to go the Shoppers) but I found a bottle of Kalaya Pure Emu Oil. I've always wanted to try emu oil before, just never found any until now. So I bought it and used it for the first time tonight, after applying the Olay (waited about 20 minutes). I'll definately only use this at night; I'm hoping it helps with the red marks. As far as a toner goes, not sure if I'm gonna
  10. I just found a bottle of Kalaya Pure Emu Oil at my grocery store. I've been meaning to try emu oil for a long time, but never found it anywhere until today, so I decided to give it ago. I was just wondering about when to use it. I probably will only use it at night, but at the moment I'm also using Olays Total Effects Moisturizer with 1.5% SA. Would it be alright if I used the emu oil after that - like maybe wait 15-20 minutes before applying? Cheers!
  11. Hey everyone! I've long been visiting acne.org, and I finally decided to start my own log. Just some background information, I am a 19 y/o male. I have combination skin which tends to be normal to oily in the summer and dry to very dry in the winter. As the title suggests I am mostly dealing with light (to moderate) acne and plenty of red marks from previous break-outs. Like many on this site, I have tried numerous different products of all kinds, and have the bad habit of switching around a lot