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  1. oh i also forgot to add how the skin looks. it looks like i sunburned it or something, and the healed zits look like blisters. Am i maybe putting on too much?
  2. its making the zits that are 'healing' and no longer active very scabbed and they appear red and sore, and also the skin surrounding it. is BP only good on active pimples? because its really making the ones that are no longer active look really bad.....any one have any advice? Dan, anyone?
  3. i know its mostly an internal hormonal problem. but how would you know that? how would you know you arent having any reactions to soap/detergents or stuff like that?
  4. Ummm im not sure, i get breakouts on my back and chest but my face isnt bad enough to be considered acne at all!! so.....im confused? :?
  5. body acne pisses me off too. you kind of shy away from taking your shirt off in front of a girl and that kind of stuff. And it doesnt make it any easier when you look around in the changeroom and your the one of the few guys that has to deal with this shite. my back acne has gone down quite a bit from what it used to be but i really wanna kill it so the doc prescribed retin a for it......so far im on day 5 and i dont notice any improvements yet, but of course i havent been on it that long. the
  6. by this im meaning people that dont have skin problems think people with them are dirty/unclean people and therefore think of them as losers/unlucky people. Doesnt that piss u off? i was overhearing a couple chicks talk about guys, and she brought up, 'well, he has acne', she made it seem like its a gross and terrible thing that ''freaks'' get.....ughh i wanted to slap her!!! People that dont have it of course never investigated into the causes and myths like we do. and they assume its caused b
  7. well ive been using this stuff for the past 4 or 5 days and im suffering a hellish breakout, like does it mean its just clearing all this crap out of my skin? and if so, how much longer will this initial breakout last? I never used to break out this frequent/bad before i started using this. so is it working?
  8. Ok my problem area is primarily my shoulder/neck area, and my secondary preoblem is t-zone on my face that only gets a couple miniscule pimples that i dont really worry about. but why the hell do i get breakouts there? like a friend of mine has the most horrid cheeks in the world but the rest of his face/body is fine. what does this mean?
  9. Hello im new to the regimen and i was wondering is 5 % fine? i didnt see any 2.5% so i just took this. i just got back from the pharmacy and i did the regimen steps like washing and then applying it. for a mild to moderate case how long will it take to see results? if Dan or anyone can answer thatd be great. oh yeah and i moisturized after too. But my question is will 5 percent be overdrying/irritating?
  10. well im pretty bulky for my age which is 16 and im as strong as some men, and i work out and i grew up mostly in a farm like enviroment. but i dont take steroids or any muscle enhancing supplements and i do get zits on my back, tho not really the face at all. Im going to start the regimen for this area to see if it helps. but its so weird, fatman_uk, i notice body acne to be more common in more muscular type people than anything else, do you notice this too?, if i look in the gym changeroom and
  11. Ok, how do i know that my acne is teen related? its mild yes, and ive seen kids in my school that have it WAAAAYYY worse than me but how do i know if its just teen based acne and what is the age that it should subside almost completely? The areas affected are T-zone and shoulder area. And if any adults there that still have acne now is it less than when you were a teen?
  12. thanks for replying man. Yeah i think time is the best healer too, but its just frustrating. what brands of creams or topicals do you reccomend? if u could fill me in thatd be great man. Yeah i love megadeth, and that was my favorite line up too. Rust In Peace is one of the best albums ever made period. I think it outshines Slayers reign in blood and Metallicas master of puppets for sure, in terms of techniality and qaulity, no fillers at all. tho all megadeth albums are great. even Risk!
  13. Yes these eventually do go away, but im wondering if anyone knows any ways to speed the healing of a mark left from either a popped pimple or a healed one. like is there anything topical or internal thats good for speed healing? I mean if i was Wolverine from X Men my spots would heal in a couple seconds......thatd be sweet lol. But anyways does anyone know any ways to heal marks?
  14. wow thats pretty harsh. i wonder how someone would treat something like that? Like that guys back almost looks like he's a burn victim.
  15. Whats up! my doc prescribed me this tetra stuff about 2 weeks ago and ive been taking 2 pill a day following the bottle instructions and i was wondering how long will it take for it to show maximum effectiveness? if anyone has an answer thatd be great! my acne severity is mild/moderate.