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  1. been working as far as i can remember. being poor while growing up and working for everything gives a person a perspective on life that is harsh and hopeful! no regrets, for there could be no tomorrow! Tearless
  2. having mulled over this thread for the last day or so, i felt compelled to weigh in my thoughts. i work in a industry that deals with death all the time. if anything, suicidal tendencies are not to be dismissed off-hand and i believe the majority of the people on this board know better. that having been said, i also do not think that a straight "get over it" approach should be taken in any suicidal setting. and believe me i have been on the giving end of that expression more times than i
  3. My sister totally went through that stage. She complained about EVERYTHING and thought our family was from hell. I told her once, "Carrie, I hope this is just a phase..." Of course she took that to the core "this is not a phase! This is how I really feel!!" Thank God a few months later she went through a complete enlightenment and noticed, hey, things actually aren't that bad. She still has some emoness in her but thankfully it's pretty much all gone.
  4. Everyone around seems so uptight lately about this acne! I for one always try to the see the humor in everything so i decided to run this thread about who has had the worst acne..ever! So let's post about our worst bout with acne and have some humor in our life. if we can't laugh at ourselves then we might as well laugh at someone else! this isn't a mean post, just something i think might be therapeutic for people. if this is too much for you to bear then by all means please move along to t
  5. maybe this might cheer you up! last year while i was dating this nice girl who was in school to do cosmetics and such suggested she pop one my cysts that was growing near my ear lobe. i repeatedly told her that was not a good idea. she said it will be alright she has done it many times before. she kept insisting i had to drain out the node in order for it to heal. i was thinking to myself, "i know that, i have had to deal with this for 13+ years of my life but..." so i was like eh, what t
  6. anxiety sucks. but the bright side of this is that it is bigger than you make out to be. it is intangible. and it should be dirt off your shoulders. how can you worry about something that hasn't happened yet? xmas is like 2 months away and the holidays are all a commercialized crapshoot. your skin isn't something that happened yesterday and it won't be cured tomorrow. knowing all this should put your mind to ease. if you can't control your feelings about something you can not control,
  7. hey, if it makes you feel better at the age of 8 -16 the back of my head was a good 25% gray. i've had gray hair since i was a kid. i never felt like it was an age problem even in my twenties. i just figured it was a pigment thing. i always felt that my gray hair makes me look distinguished. but then again, people have always said to me that i look older than i really was when i was growing up. but nowadays they think i am a lot younger than i really am. go figure! Tearless