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  1. any update on your condition? I have a few that's been with me for a few months now, and they don't seem to be subsiding
  2. Can I add lemon to an ACV + water mix? What would the proportions be? Im currently using 1/3 ACV 2/3 water.
  3. I'm pretty sure fanning your face to dry BP is bad. You want your skin to absord the BP, that's why you apply so much and rub it for such a long time. Having it dry on your face won't be as beneficial as letting it absorb.
  4. WOW, you guys use so much. I only use about the size of a dime and spread it all over my face. I get the ocassional pimple, but that's when I fall asleep early and don't wash my face. Now I need to get rid of these red marks and scars I'm still using the same bottle I got 2.5 months ago
  5. You mix 1 tsp of lemon with 1 glass of water, and drink TONS of it a day. ACV is for your face. Not to be ingested (not that it can't be).
  6. So I would use Vasaline at night as a moisturisure, and my Neutrogena during the day time?
  7. w00t, Dan agrees with me. I am king B)
  8. Apply less gel, and gradually work up to the recommended amount of gel. Not sure if there are additional benefits from the extra moisturisure.
  9. I never recieved an email confermation either, but I got my BP about a week after i ordered it (did 2 day shipping).