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    inside a brick box.
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    -MUSIC-<br />Glassjaw.<br />David Bowie.<br />The Cure.<br />Interpol.<br />AFI.<br />The Shins.<br />Blaqk Audio.<br />Nine Inch Nails.<br /><br />-going to shows<br />-dying my hair<br />-piercings and tattoos<br />-eating sweets :)<br />-my cat Elly
  1. i got an awesome star on my wrist. rly love it. and a pretty unicorn on my ankle. go for it
  2. What kind of problems are you exactly having with the website?
  3. I have been tryin to remember my pw 4ever! finally did yay! so how are you gals doin?
  4. you are sooo pretty! i personally think the shade matches you well. but you might need a bit more coverage or maybe a good brush that can give you better coverage. which formula are you using?
  5. I want to try one! i wish they were in kits already!
  6. Pick Me Up Pink - haven't tried, but i hear it's the same as Light Pink Blush bur without the shimmer. and i have tried Light Pink Blush. it's REEEEEEALLLY light, and doesn't show up at all. doesn't seem to do much. Cozy Night Lip Gloss - haven't tried. hear good/bad things. Chamomile, Floating Feathers, Bundled Up, Good China - i have Chamomile and Good China. just got them actually. they seem great as highlighters and bases for other eye colors. Good China is more pinky color, whereas Cha
  7. i want to try this..... let us know what you think.
  8. lately i've been using a cold cream (Rite Aid's generic version of Pond's) to remove my eye makeup and mascara. then i've been using St. Ives Gentle Apricot Scrub to remove my EDM. works great and fast. i know i probably shouldn't be using a scrub daily, but it's been doing such a nice job, i figured i can use it 'till i have a reason not to.
  9. i know a lot of people who love Aubrey Nicole or Signature Minerals...
  10. wow your skin is amazing! idk, i think i might have done that in the past, but i didn't have good results. but i do know other people do prefer to apply their MMU wet, or to spritz some water once they've applied it, to "set" the foundation. it's basically the same logic you employed.... i might give that a second try.
  11. have you bought anything lately? i've gotten: Nature's Gates Revitalizing Jojoba Shampoo and Conditioner St. Ives Apricot scrub St. Ives Oatmeal and Shea Butter Body wash St. Ives Oatmeal and Shea Butter Moisturizer
  12. some people seriously need to be a bit more understanding of EM... we are grown people here, no? well, as such we should understand that sometimes things just do not come out the way they were planned. EM id a GREAT company, run by very nice people. but a lot of their costumers are just crybabies who take their makeup waaaay too seriously. :boohoo:
  13. i love the haircut, looks really edgy and cute, all in one. BUT i dont think you really need to dress like anything just to fit your haircut!! just be you. i personally love dressing really chic or girl, and then contradicting/balancing that with a really punk-ish hair style.
  14. thank you for that, now i know. i wont be buying it then... hey, while we're on it, i've been using oils (castor and extra virgin olive oil) to remove my makeup and cleanse at night. i've been having pretty decent results (no breakouts yet, fairly soft/radiant skin) , but do you know if oils can disrupt the skin's pH level?