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  1. hey guys..just a quicky, after 6 month of minocycline and differin i have been put on 40 mg roac, anyways all i want to now is how long untill the dryness etc kicks in....also i have been tain one 20 mg in the morning and one at night...is this ok or should they be taken together
  2. hey guys, been a whilesince i was last on this syt....anyways i have been put on 40 mg of roac a day as 6 month of minocycline and differin gel did not work. anyways all im wondering is how long untill the effects of dryness etc kick...and also i have to take 2 20mg tabs a day, i started takin one in the morning and one at nyt on a full stomach, is this ok or should they be taken together, thanx
  3. ofcourse ilisten i want nothing more than clear skin,,,, anyways she said to moisturize the scar, thts more or less it and then in feb they will see about treating it, but 2 week ago when i was there she said it wasnt deep enough to inject, all i want to know is if this is a good sign and what treatment would be best for raised scars...im not well up on scar treatments
  4. ok so when i was last at my derm they sed my face is looking better but i have a long raised scar on my right cheek, this came form cellulitus (a severe skin infection) which came from acne. anyways she said it was not deep enough to inject, is this a gd sign, also im not bk till feb so what treatments could be used for this, all i got told to do was moisterize the scar area
  5. was just wondering, what can you do fro redness after a spot as gone, or just redness all together where you may have had a patch of spots....i know you can get acid peels but apart from this what is the best way to get rid of redness, all advice will be greatful from topicals that may work to things as simple as drinking water.....anything.... ty
  6. i have a cyst (100 percent its a cyst) above my left eyebrow close to the centre of my head. it has been there for a month and half i would guess and i have tried the following...BP, differin gel, ice, taking ibuprofen....... what would be the best thing to get rid of it. im considering buying some ibuprofen cream. any advice plz.... not bk to the derm till next month
  7. ok so i am finding this hard to deal with, i will tell you this problem giving as brief of a background as possible. back in june i got spots for the 1st time, after much pain and discomfort i ended up in hospital with cellulitus, a skin infection. anyways i am on minocyclin now and differin cream and my skin as improved alot, but on my right cheek i have this raised skin. it is not painfull atall and i can squash it in. it is like 2 streaks of slightly raised skin this has been here now since
  8. also id like to know what the difference is with vitamin b5 to vitamin b6, is there any??
  9. i need help!!!! i do not know anything about supplements, up to now what i have read i am thinking about taking, fish oil, vitamin b5 and zinc tablets. i dont understand all this ratio etc what people talk about. All i would like to know is should i take these, also im from the UK so any brand names would be brilliant, thnx alot oh also why do these supplements actualy help
  10. ok ty, i will read up some reviews now, thnx
  11. i maybe should have posted this elsewhere but i just wanted to see what people think i should do. I am on minocyclin tabs and differin of my derm. i recently got a DK BP and i also have some duac gel. at the moment i am putting DK BP durring the day and differin at night beofre bed , should i add the duac in there or should i stick to this . ty
  12. hey, i recently ordered just one bottle of BP and all together it cost me like 10.50 all together, was 9 dollars for shipping and i got a £1.50 fee for whatever...anyways all together for product and p+p it was around a tenner, not too bad reli, seen as tho some of you have had outragious prices
  13. thanks for that, i didnt know and have ordered one tube, hopefully i will just end up paying pp and not have any pther charges, i will remember that in future, i think it differs to everyone as some people spent less than 18 pound and got reasonable pp.. i will have to wait and see