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  1. I want to go on Accutane. I think that is the cure but i am so scared.
  2. Well am still healing. Its 70% better. I used differin which i think did not help me much. I used it for mre than three months. I did a salicylic acid peel and a jessner peel. I think all those together worked. Plus i took doxycycline too. Its way better now. Thank you
  3. No they don't itch and they don't get inflamed. They are like skin rised bumps. They don't trouble me unless i try and extract they wrongly then they can turn to big pimples. Am thinking of doing one at home since I did my first in the dermatologist office.
  4. Hello guys, so I went for a salicylic acid chemical peel (20%) in my dermatologist office. Basically I did not peel and today marks the 5day. No peel and not much improvement( And I spent a load of money for it). 1. Is it normal not to peel 2. Would I still get results even if I don't peel 3. Can i get an at home chemical peel. please i need answers and I don't mind u taking a little of ur time to enlighten me. Thank u
  5. Hey everyone am seeing slight improvement with my face but it is so slow. I went to see my dermatologist and she recommended a chemical peel for me. I don't know if I should try it. What do u all think of it and do anyone know if it improves acne?
  6. I was using Nizoral 2% and it did not seem to do much for me
  7. I Don't know whether there is an improvement but I wanted to ask if i can do extraction regularly to remove the white stuff inside because they keep filing up. Thats my face first thing in the morning so it looks better till later in the day.
  8. Finally. i grt to see exactly what i have. The only difference is i am black and mine is worst. Depression is an understatement. This few months have been my lowest but i know there is hope. I have been battling with it for almost 2years plus. My dermatologist prescribed me Differin and some IMAGE skincare wash and moisturizer. I honestly can't see improvement at six weeks. I think its a bit too early. But am positive it would work. It keeps refilling after i extract them. Sorry for the long n
  9. This are the pictures before. There has been no improvement at all
  10. I start using differin on the 9th of august and up until now I have seen no good difference. It started to feel like there was improvement in the second week until last week when it came back in full force. It was prescribed by my dermatologist. is it too early to complain? should i use it with any other thing? my Derm said i had steroids induced acne Nixoral is not working for them too
  11. I leave it for about 15 min max sometimes more. It doesn't burn me or make me feel uncomfortable so i can just put it on.
  12. Leave it on your face for about 5-10minutes depending on your skin type. once a day The secret is just be patient.
  13. Have u tired Nizoral 2%. If u have tired acne treatment and they are not responding then it could be folliculitis. Some times antibiotics useage can lead to yeast acne. Malassezia organisms can be found on the skin in 75-98% of healthy people. These organisms are part of the normal skin florae of many individuals who do not have signs or symptoms of folliculitis or other disease. my dermatologist perscribed differn 0.1 and Nizoral