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  1. I found a product called cetaphil which cleared my seb dem, which I suffered from for over 20 yrs. I found cetaphil from a website called skindrone. One of the products is called facial cleanser and another is called gentle skin cleanser, both seem to work. I think my problems started back when I was 20 when I used to use moisturiser overnight. It made my skin far too oily and I get blackheads on my nose also. So I ended up with a red nose and to the sides to my nose and dry skin in eyebrows
  2. I've just been watching the Wimbledon tennis tournament in the UK. A guy called Stanilaus Wawrinka (approx seeded 15 in the world) was playing Andy Murray. He has got what I had (I still have it, but it seems to have improved by changing my diet - reducing carbohydrates). If anyone has seen him, or I guess you can google him or see him on youtube, what has he got? Acne on his nose or rosacea? And what would you recommend for him?
  3. Nice abs! How do you get abs like that - crunchies?
  4. Mate, I know you haven't asked this but have you tried a change of diet? Your picture looks similar to what I had (acne and redness on nose and cheeks). I thought I had a healthy diet: weetabix/cornflakes for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and a ready made meal with pasta/corn polenta for dinner. But all those things contained wheat or corn (ie. grains), which is heavily implicated in acne, and I wasn't having any fish. I've taken all those things out and taken fish oil supplement (omega 3 i
  5. I also have got redness on my nose and the areas close to it. But my acne seems to be clearing very quickly due to my new regime and maybe the redness will too. I don't seem to "flush" so maybe I don't have rosacea.
  6. Hi Too Old! I'm 40, it's ridiculous we should still be getting this. My acne has improved dramatically since I started my new regime, though I'm wary of jinxing myself in case it doesn't last. I hope you beat your acne problem too!
  7. Well Be At least you know what causes it - you're on the right track!
  8. Hi Ak I am 40 and was still getting acne up to last week. However, things seem to be changing for me bigtime and I hope they do for you too!
  9. I agree with David - try and limit the amount of chemicals you put on your face. But don't give up , you can see from the amount of replies you've got, that people are wishing you the best.