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  1. I am 27 and have had acne for 14 years. During that time, I have tried basically evertything possible for my face. I have tried all sorts of lasers and lights and things that zap your face (smoothbeam didn't work for me) and pills and creams and facial steams and masks and scrubs and acids and every combination possible of those things. I am convinced now of one thing: the only hope I have left to clear my skin is by working from the inside out. Acne happens because of things going on inside
  2. LOL. This guy is pretty good. First rule of bagging chicks: Always keep them on their toes. But really, he probably likes you a little and is flirting with you. Just because he is not in flirt mode 24/7 doesn't mean that he doesn't like you. Another thing I can tell you as a guy is that generally a guy will not pay much attention to a girl that he doesn't like. Lots of girls are just naturally flirty with everybody and that can make them hard to read. Guys are much easier to read because
  3. 27. I never thought that I would be posting on an acne forum at 27.
  4. I know damn well that I am not the only adult with acne, and I frequently see others in my age range (27) with some form of greasy skin, blackheads or acne. However, that knowledge does not make me feel any better, because those people are not me. I have always been sort of a narcissist and I have always had tunnel vision focused on my own flaws, even before I ever got acne. So yeah, I don't feel like the only adult with acne, but that doesn't make me feel any better.
  5. Thank you to everybody who responded. I made this post last night when I looked in the mirror and discovered a gang of acne on my forehead after I thought that I might have found a routine that was working for me. I realize that there is probably no magic cure for acne, but I made this post out of frustration. I can't get accutane, but I might try some of the other things that windchijmes and melly recommended. Again, I appreciate it.
  6. Anything besides urine therapy please.
  7. Dude, you are still very young so you still have hope. When I was 18 I was convinced that the acne would just sort of go away someday because 99% of people grow out of it, but now I am 27 and I have never chased my dreams or let myself have a life because of acne. Anyway, my point is this: you need to be absolutely relentless and find something that works to cure your acne AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. You are on this board and learning about acne and that is a good step to take, but don't ever just a
  8. OK, so I am a very impatient type guy and I don't want to read tons of threads to try to piece things together and find myself a new routine. I am 27 and I have had acne for about 13 years. When I first got it, it was not that bad but it got progressively worse until about 21. Now at 27, it is not as bad as it once was but it is still plenty bad. Anyway, if you are an adult and you have found a CURE to your acne, please let me know what it is. I don't care about "treating" my acne, does a
  9. Dude, I know exactly how you feel. But know what? I don't care that I know exactly how you feel because it doesn't cure your or my acne. It honestly makes me feel 0% better to know that I am not in the adult acne boat alone; I just want it gone. But anyway, yeah, I workout like crazy, pour unbelievable amounts of water down my throat to the point that I am pissing every 30 minutes, I have steamed my face multiple times a day, done routine exfoliation, gone to a dermatologist, bought illegal