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  1. Referring to you saying that since it is cloudy only 3 months of the year, therefore you didn't have to worry about sunscreen... is incorrect. Just because you can not visually see the sunrays because it is cloudy does not mean they aren't hitting you. Even if it is cloudy, and if you want to be extra safe to help, but on some SPF anyway, might help.
  2. I just got all of my DKR items in the mail last night and I have two questions. 1. I have been using oxy for on spot for about five years and BP pads for about 3 months. Since I have been using BP for so long, is it ok to up the BP amount quicker? If so, how much quicker. 2. DK suggested have about twelve hours inbetween treatments. I have to wake up really early for school, so I do my regimen at about 6:15 a.m. Because of this should I then do my other regimen about 6:15 p.m.? This might se
  3. Allright thanks for your input. I will do the gentle face wash at the end of my shower then.
  4. Allright thanks again for the input. Anyone else feel free to respond, the more opinions the better!
  5. So you're pretty much saying that it would be fine if I used the gental face wash in the shower then, right? Also, your personally skipping the wash part if you take a shower, has that had any negative impact on the effects of the DKR? Thank you for your input!
  6. My showers aren't extremely hot like a lot of people have them, it isn't cold by any means, but it isn't extremely hot. I wouldn't let the water hit my face directly out of the showerhead, I would cup my hand, letting the water build up, and then apply water to my face in that fashion. I am not sure if this would change your opinion or not, but I thought I might as well specify exactly what I meant. Thank you for your opinion.
  7. I have ordered the basic starter pack and am very eager to begin the regimen. School for myself is starting in a day, and I began thinking about my morning routine. I have about 40 - 50 minutes every morning to get my shower and get ready for school. Since you are supposed to wait 5-15 minutes inbetween every step, I am a tad bit worried. I was wondering if I could have my gentle face wash in the shower; Opposed to having my shower, and then waiting for my skin to dry, then having my gentle fa
  8. Allright well thank you for the input. I was going to use the stridex powerpads, 2.5% BP, but I will try a cream or gel.
  9. I have moderate acne and was looking at the regimen, and it seemed promising. As the topic title title says, I am curious if the 2.5% BP Pad is a substitute for 2.5% BP Gel that will end up with the same outcome; Or if I need to use a gel. All input is appreciated.