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  1. i know this is a really old post but i just had the same thing happen to me and was wondering if it healed over and what you used on it?
  2. i have this indented scar that kind of looks like a "hole". would needling help? any other suggestions?
  3. thank you for the advice! do you think it will leave an indent or just a red mark?
  4. try pure aloe (i use the fruit of the earth brand) its cheap and works really well for me!
  5. hi! i was wondering if this will cause an indented scar?? i haven't picked at the scab (and won't!) but i was wondering if it would still scar?? i already have some small indented scars and they are so frustrating. also if anyone has any tips to prevent scarring that would be great. i have applied vaseline (my derm recommended this) and aloe.
  6. wow thank you so much! the moisturizer feels really nice on my skin so that's a good sign! and did it help you with indented scars?
  7. wow thank you so much! the moisturizer feels really nice on my skin so that's a good sign! and did it help you with indented scars?
  8. hi! thanks for answering so many questions! did your skin purge with the Epiduo?
  9. Hi! my derm gave me CeraVe foaming facial cleanser and CeraVe PM facial moisturizing lotion (alongside my epiduo prescription) has anyone used these products?
  10. hi! i just went to the dermatologist for the first time and they prescribed me Epiduo and gave me CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser and CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion. any experiences with these products?
  11. i just got back from the dermatologist and they prescribed me Epiduo and she suggested that i purchase the Cerave foaming cleanser and the Cerave PM moisturizer. i went ahead and bought the face wash and moisturizer but i am only going to use the moisturizer to start so i'm not trying too many new things on my skin at once (considering it is very sensitive and usually doesn't react well to products). i am going to keep using the face wash i have been using until i figure out how my face will rea
  12. i just went to the dermatologist today and she told me to keep vaseline and a bandaid on mine overnight, but mine are scabs so it's different ive had "holes" in my face similar to that and i put some of this (will attach picture) on it and it helped over the course of a few weeks. it is not gone completely but definitely smoothed out a lot. the derm also prescribed me Epiduo today so i'll keep you posted about how that goes.
  13. okay! thanks! i've just seen so much improvement and i would hate for that to all turn around and go back to how it used to be.
  14. thanks for the advice! what face wash did they give you? also i started using a new face wash about 3 months ago and it's helped tremendously but of course it didn't solve all of my problems or i wouldn't be going to the derm. but the face wash had made my skin a lot brighter and a lot smoother, do you think they will let me keep my current face wash ?
  15. ok so i have my first dermatologist visit tomorrow and i have some questions regarding what to expect. will the derm treat all of my problems at once? or will they try to do one at a time? does the derm usually give you a whole regimen (face wash, treatment, moisturizer) or can you stick with the same routine you have now and just replace the treatment with a prescription one? recently i have gotten some burns on my face (from benzoyl peroxide) that have really messed up a few spots on m
  16. mine were very similar to that but they are scabbing a little bit now. i had to go to school with bandaids on my face
  17. i'm having the same problem right now but so so much worse, so be grateful!! haha. anyway i've been putting aloe and neosporin on them and covering them with a small bandaid. i have about 4 of those all different sizes and a lot more red. i had pretty clear skin as well so i'm kinda bummed (i also have a dermatologist appointment on thursday and now they have to deal with this mess instead of my usual skin ) but i recommend keeping it moist with neosporin or aloe for now to prevent scabbing. if
  18. it's fine, atkeast your trying to help haha! but even if i did wear makeup it would probably just make them look even more gross. especially since i have gym in the morning and a lot of makeup just comes right off anyway red spots don't bother me it's just the fact that these are kind of open looking that bothers me because i don't want people staring at my face
  19. that's what i would like to do but i have school and cannot go with bandaids all over my face .
  20. i put some calendula oil and aloe on it, seems to be helping the redness but they are still very noticeable and gross, someone please help i have school tomorrow and i'm very upset i'm sick of feeling ugly and gross
  21. hi! i have a lot of questions and need some quick advice but i'm going to give some background info / my personal experience first (just skip down to the questions if you would like!) BACKGROUND INFO- okay so i've had mild to moderate acne on and off since i was about 12 (in 15 now). i used to get pimples only on my forehead and they were never big at all. usually skin colored so they never really bothered me. i would also get blackheads around my nose but they were not noticeable. ( my mot
  22. thank you for the advice! i would go ahead and purchase those items if i did not have a derm appointment on thursday because i'm sure they will give me a prescription. i need a miracle right about now lol.
  23. does anyone else have any other advice ? it still looks pretty gross and i would like it to heal over a little bit
  24. that's a good idea, thanks! i have a dermatologist appointment on thursday, i'm just mad because i finally learned to stop picking at my skin, and i didn't pick this at all and then something else went wrong. i put some neosporin and a bandaid on it, hoping it will help!