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  1. Hi Tracy thanks for the reply. It certainly is assuring to know that it will peel off and resolve on it's own. Thank you so much, I was getting really worried
  2. I am in need of a serious advice. I've applied 25% mandlic acid peel on my face as a regular routine, however some of the acid accidentally dripped into my mouth and touched my inner lips. It took me couple seconds to notice the sensation, and so I washed it off RIGHT away. However, it caused frosting in my inner lips as shown in the picture, and I'm quite worried. I know this is a very unusual case and it's my very own faults, so I really need advice on whether this would resolve on it's ow
  3. Hi, Thanks for the optimism, I will report back in a couple of days and let you know if it improved
  4. I feel like hanging myself now. If anyone know or went through something similar, please share some advice.
  5. To keep this story short, I did a 15% TCA Peel on my face (1 layer, Asian-skin) that I bought from MUAC. On the 3rd day, I begin to notice that my skin was flaking and peeling around the mouth area. I should have let the peel come off on it's own, but I made a very stupid decision to take a hot shower and "roll" off the dead skin on my cheek with my fingers while I was in the shower. (Very stupid, I couldn't resist the urge to) When I came out of the shower, I noticed that my new ski
  6. I just asked my mom, and she tells me that she has fogotten to renew my health card, as my birthday passed not too recently. Will the cost of accutane increase alot if I dont bring in a health card?
  7. yeah im also curious to know how i can ask a dermatologist to presecribe accutane
  8. Also, i'd like to ask where I can get accutane presecribed. Do I have to go to a dermatologist or is family doctor ok? I current reside in Canada.
  9. I can't help washing my face frequently because it tends to get oily in matter of hours. I stopped using proactiv, and my skin seems to be less redder. I am currently just using an exfoliating bar soap with jojoba oil, with daily a aspirin mask + aloe vera gel. I am looking forward to meet a dermatolgist, when I convince my mom to do so. I will stop picking and squeezing, you really scared me right there. But for now untill I meet a dermatologist, what else do you suggest me to do? I really don'
  10. Yes, I've been putting on a moisturizer right after BP everytime.
  11. I think my skin is rather allergic to benzoyl peroxide, as whenever I use them, my skin gets noticably red, and sometimes irritating.
  12. Is there no other method then to see a dermatologist?
  13. http://img133.imageshack.us/img133/2223/wtfft4.jpg Hello to everyone. I really didn't want to post a picture on the internet, but I seriously don't know what to do about it. I am a 16 year old high school student. My acne started about April of 2007, where little pimples began appearing, and now I am at a condition where it seems no longer repairable. When my acne was just minor, I used different exfoliating scrubs to help vanish them, however, the number of pimples increased daily, and I had