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  1. If you can tolerate lactose then you can tolerate any dairy. If you're having reactions to some dairy products and not others then the chances are you are reacting to other ingredients in the dairy products and not the dairy itself. Don't over complicate things guys. There is nothing wrong with dairy unless you are lactose intolerant, and all that means is that your body lacks the enzymes to break down lactose
  2. You shouldn't be looking at what you should avoid but rather looking at what you can include. Eat a wide range of foods that you can tolerate. As a nutrition coach i tell all my clients to avoid food avoidance. Obviously cut out what you can't tolerate well but apart from that keep everything on the menu in moderation. Hire yourself a respected. I know quite a few guy in the industry who know what they are doing and do not use bro science. PM me if you want details.
  3. @Mellowman Paleo isn't a diet because it is physically impossible to eat a paleo diet in todays world. Food is fundamentally different now. Take broccoli for example. Back in Paleo times Broccoli wasn't edible. We have agriculturally modified to suit our tastes. So based on that one fact alone Paleo is impossible. The average caveman lived to around 25 years of age on this diet! Watch this video clip. Actual science being demonstrated here and not some douche bag so call nutritio
  4. Stop calling it "Paleo diet" because no such thing exists.
  5. This thread is full of people giving out advice on hormones. The more i read the more i see that people giving out advice on hormones clearly know nothing about Hormones.
  6. I hope you're not referring to my post, because I have always consumed beef and dairy with some consistency, like a hamburger every other week, cereal a few times a week, quite a bit of cheese, but not so much that cutting back wouldn't mean cutting it out completely. And never so much acne that there wouldn't logically be a correlation. Who has dairy every day? Lots of assumptions ^ For me, extremism absolutely was the answer. When you're inflamed, no one has time to cut back this, wait
  7. woa..can u share wht all u have done nd tried maybe? Yeah of course buddy. Like most here, i have tried most things out there. Exclusion diets, every med short of accutane. The only med that ever worked for me is Benzyol peroxide, that said it took a year to get clear using it and ongoing treatment since then. One thing i will about, long game. My acne got a lot better and much more controllable when i stopped restricting foods. Don't get me wrong, 90% of my diet is single ingredient nutri
  8. I am seeing a common theme here and it is extremism. If dairy is the trigger then by all means cut it out. What i am seeing here is " I cut dairy out for a long time then all of a sudden at a load of it" Two things here. Overly restricting on said food product can actually cause the food sensitivity. I can't remember the name of the study but it there is good info on this. Binging on the said food. So you a cut a food out for a year then all of a sudden ate your body weight in it
  9. If your skin has got worse after completely removing dairy this would suggest to me dairy is not the issue here. It is still a possibility but unlikely. I would suggest looking for a common substance in dairy products and see if that may be the trigger.
  10. You have come accept your acne is Hormonal without no scientific evidence to support your statement? Interesting. You done a diet for one month. Lets assume for one moment your acne is hormonal and lets assume you have imbalance of some kind. You're not going to sort it one month with a juice diet. For the record juice diets is the biggest pile of dung on the market. I would suggest going to a derm, get assessed, and go from there, It takes time to get any skin complaint under control, you're
  11. You are right, I should not respond to trolls. Which is why I added that first part. Because I knew I shouldn't be responding to the troll. That makes no sense. A cancer patient absolutely needs good nutrition advice. An oncologist only poisons them. Sugar/high glycemic diets feed cancer tumors. Nutrients and other habits help the body defeat them. And this belief isolating issues rather than using an integrative approach is at the root of problem with our health care system. Yes agr
  12. The other thing that really gets me about this entire part of forum, People giving out advice about hormones when they have no clue what they are talking about. Endocrinologists will be the first to say they are just scratching the service when it comes to hormones. So if the leaders of research are saying this then who is anyone else to comment about insulin sensitivity, leptin, ghrelin or whatever other hormone you want to talk about? I'm a nutritionist. This would be like me givin
  13. I am shocked to a post like this from you. You typically write good posts, back up with research and help others. Why are you shooting this girl down? I understand the frustration, 98% of the stuff i read in this thread is complete bullshit with no solid evidence to back it up. Due to this, i stay away from this thread a lot now and simply do not respond when i see a stupid post. If you don't like a post that much then do not respond to it. Not having a go, just a suggestion.
  14. Increase the amount you eat. You'll gain weight. Keep it simple.