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  1. I have very sensitive skin with acne, purple scars and am bright red most of the time, so I really need some kind of foundation/concealer as I can't get over the whole people staring thing. Have spent a fortune trying virtually every product (inc. minerals) that claims to be non-comedogenic and so far every single one has broken me out! Really don't know what to do or what manufacturer's claims to trust anymore.
  2. Still not found one that works for me, tried Bare Essentials Bare Minerals after several recommendations but it broke me out badly. Good luck with your search.
  3. Can I ask where you experienced your breakouts whilst using the cleanser? Over all I think my complexion is improving even though I feel I'm purging. I have got a couple of spots on my chin, which are bigger than usual!
  4. Have you tried a green concealer? Works great at covering up angry red spots....can then dab some ordinary concealer over the top followed by a dusting of powder to keep it in place. Good luck!
  5. I used the Jan Marini bioglycolic cleanser, stuck at it for 5 months to ensure I was past the initial breakout stage, but it messed my skin up badly. I had huge breakouts which left me with scars and red marks - big regrets now. Sorry it's not a more positive post Everyone's skin's different so it may work for you, I hope so.
  6. Hi Narco, thanks for your reply I'm now a week in and the itching has definitely improved - yay! Still too early to see any results yet, but so far (touch wood) things haven't got any worse, which I was afraid of due to stopping BP. I don't think azelaic acid is new here in the UK, you may recognise it from its brand names such as Skinoren cream or Finacea gel. Good luck if you decide to try it
  7. This is only the case when the 2 products are used closely together. Using one in the morning and the other at night is fine (have checked this with 3 top UK derms), it was prescribed for me and has worked great for a long time.
  8. Glycolic broke me out badly. I persevered thinking it was just an IB and would improve, but after several months it was worse than ever and left me with a lot of scarring. You may be different but it definitely didn't suit my skin. Take care and good luck.
  9. Anyone? And PLEASE tell me this azelaic acid-induced itching will go away soon, it's driving me craazzzzy and keeping me awake at night!
  10. Retin-A is definitely a long term thing, you need to give it at least a few months before seeing real results. Also it will help with scarring but wont do much for your red marks (according to my derm anyway....and it has done nothing for mine after 7 months of use). Using the Regimen in the morning and Retin-A at night would be a good plan, as long as your acne is severe enough to warrant it (BP and Retin-A are both quite harsh). Also be aware that BP is great for active acne, but can worsen
  11. Just tried it, it wasn't very moisturizing and broke me out
  12. Glad it's working for you, thanks for the update
  13. Thanks for the replies. It's Holland & Barratt's own brand, a healthfood/supplements chain here in the UK. It didn't irritate my skin at all, just broke me out after a couple of days. I'm on a very tight budget so can't really afford to try lots of different brands plus postage (pure aloe without perfumes etc. isn't readily available in stores over here).