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  1. I ask, because I'm curious as to whether most longterm users continue to frequent the site out of hope/habit/a search for the ideal - i.e., perfect skin. I first joined this site back in 2004, when I had undergone CO2 laser surgery. I was confined to the house, pretty unsure of what I'd let myself in for, and looking for support and answers and the internet was the closest and best tool to hand. I at once found this place to be informative, helpful and also a wealth of information about acne s
  2. I remember a very long time ago I read about someone who had undergone a little known procedure called 'derma-planing', (I think it was,) in which they basically had their face (sort of) sliced up as opposed to having it abraded via a procedure like dermabrasion. I may have read about it on these boards; it was so long ago I really can't remember. Anyway, the outcome for that person was spectacular, apparently, and reading about the OP's experiment reminded me of that. I wish I could remember w
  3. Hi Pixelcat, hope you're healing more and more day by day. I had co2 laser to my cheeks back in 2004 and know exactly what you're going through: where the surgeon had lasered my cheeks and under my eyes there were definite indented areas that were clearly visible to the eye and I panicked a whole lot about it at the time. I'm going to be as honest with you as I can but hopefully at the same time reassuring: those indentations WILL improve with time but they may not disappear completely. Even i
  4. So instead of fixing everyone's problems, you'd rather just fix your own? Instead of smiting the beast that -truly- troubles you and most everyone else 'ON A DAY TO DAY BASIS', you'd rather just blame your skin instead of the state society is in? Is it too much just to admit you've been duped and brainwashed by your enviroment and peers just like everyone else? For just one second? ONE SECOND, to ask that genie for a little world understanding? Admit that you're not the end all be all of the pro
  5. Yeah, well, you're entitled to your opinion, as are we all. And yes, I would have scar free skin over world peace any day of the week and I don't apologise for that. Why the hell should I? In an ideal world I'd have both but I'm only human and my human response is to want to rid myself of something that troubles me ON A DAY TO DAY BASIS. If this doesn't fit in with YOUR idea of what's 'right', then tough shit. Oh yes - and no-one is telling him he's 'wrong' - just that some of us may disagree.
  6. Hi Cameron, I had CO2 laser resurfacing in 2004 and it left my skin very red for quite a long time. However, I started using skin biology exfol serum and super cp serum a few months after treatment and I have to say that my skin is now a pretty uniform colour and in fact has never looked better. It may take a while to see results but keep at it. I only use exfol once daily - in the am; and super cp serum once daily - before bed - and it's done wonders for my skin. I also occasionally use emu o
  7. It's a very, VERY rich moisturiser - and you need to be rich to buy it - and it's in no way a 'miracle cure' for anything, other than very dry skin! I've used it before; it's just like a very thick moisturising cream, and many people who have suffered from acne complain of breakouts after having used it. If you're really willing to spend that much on a moisturiser may I suggest ReVive instead? It's much better and contains minute amounts of EGF (epidermal growth factor) which can help assist w
  8. I have to agree. Sorry to rain on the 'let's be positive' parade and all that but here are the facts: we live in a world in which appearance counts. Sad but true. And in this superficial world, acne scars are like a taint - you have them, you suffer from a kind of handicap in the looks stakes. Regardless of how you personally may interpret your scars, the fact remains that the majority of other people will see them as something that downgrades you in the looks stakes. Now, on a philosophical
  9. laina


    Well mel, I was almost 35 when I had my treatment, so I don't know if age had much to do with it. And seeing as I'm now 37 and my skin is better than it was when I was 33, well, I think it was a good move. Like I said, I know I'm in the minority in thinking laser resurfacing is a positive thing but seriously, I have a MAJOR problem with accepting my skin and yet I do think it's better now.
  10. I agree that different colours can draw attention to your scars, but in my experience, the darker the colour the more noticeable the scars ... My hair is naturally quite dark and when it's lighter - in the summer, etc - my scars look far less noticeable.
  11. laina


    Hi. I think I may be very much in the minority here as I know many people have had laser treatment and said it did either nothing for them or made their skin worse, but ... Well, I had co2 laser treatment back in 2004, and while it didn't 'cure' my skin, I definitely do think it made it better. I still have some scarring, but it's shallower; and where I once had a mottled, blotchy skintone on both cheeks that has now pretty much gone, so the overall tone of my skin is far more even. It's true
  12. Hi Denise, I recently read that 67 page long thread on needling which started way back in 2002 and saw that you had a few needling sessions performed and were very pleased with the results. I just wanted to ask: did the results last? Or have you been reneedling since then? Many thanks in advance for any response. I'd also really like to hear updates from the self-needlers, or if anyone could direct me to more recent needling threads that would be great, as I've been considering doing this m
  13. Hi, I've been following the needling discussions with interest and the dermaroller sounds promising too. Recently came across this on ebay - they do a couple of sizes. What does anyone with experience of these things think? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Acne-Scar-Skin-Rolle...tem140042829701