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  1. Dude I remember the first two months of Accutane... Just like Kimberly says those are the hardest part. You're going to start clearing like a mother after that, the way I remember it. Trust me dude you'll clear up fast just keep on keeping on.
  2. Nah. Any recommendations? I've heard emu oil was good, but I don't really know if I want to try anything because I'm afraid it won't work or it will make my face even worse (stuff has done that before that was supposed to have the opposite effect). I'm thinking maybe I should just take it slow. Time heals everything, after all....
  3. Ha! I hate people who use it to get fucked up. It's just not cool in my opinion. Waste of a perfectly fine (maybe) life.
  4. Don't lie to us you were gettin' yo ass high! Heheh j/k.... I hate punks who do that stuff. =/
  5. Like the username. Anyway, no it won't help fade them. If anything it will keep them around longer. I know, it sucks. Just hang in there because apparently once you're off the Accutane then the scars will fade fast.
  6. Clindamycin phosphate lotion? I was given it by my derm in place of the steroid cream I was using for my scarring.... Anyone ever used it who can tell me how it worked?
  7. Damn. Well I guess I don't really know what I'm talking about. Figures. I always do this. =/ I'm sorry man I thought you were just talking about your scarring and it pissed me off because I haven't said one thing about my own until just now and then I saw your topic and I'm just sitting here like WTF. Yeah, I feel really stupid right now.... Honestly, I'm sorry I went ballistic on your for something that wasn't even related to what I'm going through.
  8. Awesome! Hey, hang in there. It took me around 4 months to see the difference. It seemed like Accutane decided to go on cruise control at like 30mph for the first 3 months or so. Then BAM! The stuff starts hauling ass at like 120mph. It was fast, like some weird anti-acne strike team. =D You'll look good soon.
  9. Bump so that whiney little bastard who thinks HIS face is fucked up can take a gander at mine....
  10. I hate this.... My face is full of scars and I just need some help!! Has anyone had scars as bad as mine are? What did you do to make them heal faster? And did you take BP? That's what I'm taking for it.... Here are some pics.... http://img167.imageshack.us/img167/2152/setup005wy5.jpg http://img338.imageshack.us/img338/4482/setup006gf1.jpg http://img263.imageshack.us/img263/2663/setup007kc7.jpg =/
  11. It's more like B. Clearing up is a gradual process, it won't just happen overnight. You'll still have spots but they won't be near as bad. They'll be like this little things that you can get right out easy. As for your second question, it's different for everyone.
  12. I guess I would feel sorry for you if you weren't so full of yourself and if it ISN'T THAT BAD FOR YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE!! You want bad acne? I'll give ya bad acne buddy.... I have (had) whiteheads all over my face. All over. It was like one big oily mask of what-the-fuck-is-that. Now, since then Accutane has fixed that.... sorta. My face feels great because it's no longer like the aforementioned oily clusterfuck I described. Now I just have AT LEAST 50 red pockmarks all over my skin f
  13. Claravis seems to be working just fine for me. Almost all of the whiteheads are gone, and I had TONS of those. I mean tons, there was pretty much not a spot on my face that was clear. It sucked. 4 months in now and all of the whiteheads are gone but I still have a TON of red spots. That's what sucks for me, my damn face has red dots all over it!! lol....
  14. 2nd month. I had a lot of white heads but they were starting to go away. Almost all of the whiteheads are gone now (I had a TON) and my face is the smoothest it's been in a LONG time. Now my face is just filled with a bunch of ugly red scarring....