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    A Zinc-less Zinc Regimen for Adults: Draft 4

    Databased, are you saying that the culprit is eye exposure to UVA rays, or light that enters the eyes? In other words, is UVA here being described as the primary causal factor, or just a factor in addition to light exposure, because I may be in trouble as I wear glasses?
  2. Aaron123

    A Zinc-less Zinc Regimen for Adults: Draft 4

    The problem with this, is although getting sunlight in the eyes is likely the most effective way of dealing with carbohydrate malabsorption, in our American society, more and more lifestyles are being made sedentary and put indoors. Surely there are other ways to try and combat carbohydrate malabsorption? Perhaps through some degree of dietary change? Also, you mentioned that fructose is generally more well-absorbed if combined with carbohydrates. Can the reverse be true? Can carbohydrates in the diet be more well-digested if the diet is supplemented with more fruit?
  3. Aaron123

    A Zinc-less Zinc Regimen for Adults: Draft 4

    Some quick observations: I've been on multiple Steak and Shake runs in the last week for milkshakes, and most notably my skin's been a lot more irritated at previous blemishes, and new whiteheads are starting to show up. So, my basic skincare regimen: 100mg Zinc / day No dairy Hope this helps you guys out.
  4. Aaron123

    A Zinc-less Zinc Regimen for Adults: Draft 4

    An update on my experience ongoing with this: So about a month ago, I started taking 100mg zinc a day in the form of 2 50mg pills: Once in the morning, and once in the evening. I haven't gotten a new breakout in about 2 weeks; something completely unheard of for me since I've had acne (largest timespan without a new whitehead was about 3 days). Needless to say, I'm very happy with the results, and honestly, I don't get that much sun. From my own experience, spending entire days out in the sun have either made my acne stay the same, or even worse from burns. My relatively indoor-based lifestyle still works with 100mg of zinc a day, and I couldn't be happier. I'm just waiting for the 3 spots on the left side of my face to clear up, and then all that's left is redmarks and some minor scarring. I'm very excited to have a clear face soon finally. Also, an important note: milk does indeed break me out into cysts--almost guaranteed everytime. Now, I LOVE cereal. Because of this, I purchased almond milk a week ago, and it doesn't produce a cystic breakout in me, and I can enjoy cereal again. Life is good.
  5. Aaron123

    A Zinc-less Zinc Regimen for Adults: Draft 4

    Just my experiences with different supplements: I've found that 150 mg of Zinc a day helps to an extent, HOWEVER, everytime I overdose like this, I experience pains about three days in in my heart region, or my lower abdomen. Also, I tried GliSODin (about 3 pills a day, I think 150 mg?) for a couple of days, and noticed the next day, I would get odd pains in my knee while walking, as though I had arthritis or something in it. Needless to say, I stopped taking GliSODin after that. Supplements seem to be more trouble than they're worth buying. It's better to try and get the minerals and vitamins naturally, through food or sunlight (melatonin surge).
  6. Aaron123

    What an experience!

    What about those of us who are agnostic or atheist? Maybe we should be working towards an actual cure or remedy instead of giving up hope and believing that it is merely up to fate from whichever of the 1000's of gods in the world that you happen to believe in. I really don't mean to belittle you or troll the thread, and I know you mean well, so I earnestly apologize if this offends. If you get comfort from your beliefs, all the more power to you, but I don't think this is a reason to simply give up and think that our shared condition is part of some grand scheme we can't hope to comprehend. If there were a god, I think he/she/it/pasta/dimension would have more important things to worry about than a bacterial skin infection on one species on a speck of rock in comparison to the infinite vastness of the universe/s.
  7. Aaron123

    A Zinc-less Zinc Regimen for Adults: Draft 4

    Hey there databased, glad you're still doing such avid research on what looks to be an actual pathway to a cure. Here's some thoughts for you: Going into college for my first semester, I noticed that I started getting whiteheads on my torso and limbs. I thought this was very odd and irritating as this has never happened to me before--acne showed up only on my face before. This was even with staying outside for hours for days and going to bed early (for me, that's 10:00 AM). Then, it hit me. As long as I'd been at college, I had been eating virtually no vegetables of any sort. I quickly stocked up and ate tons of vegetables (carrots, lettuce, spinach, etc.), and noticed in the next days that my skin was flaking off at a much higher turnover rate. In other words, when I woke up, more often than not, lesions are usually layered over with a thin layer of dead skin, usually the first thing that happens before my skin starts healing the lesion away. I've found this correlation to be more consistent to keeping acne away than staying outside for elongated hours. Also keep in mind that I'm very much a night-owl and go to bed usually around 2 or 3 AM. I almost always get about 8-9 hours of sleep. I find it odd this correlation with vegetables, as merely taking Vitamin A supplements never produces the same effect (often, I've broken out worse when cutting out veggies and taking Vit. A). Zinc produces a similar non-effect, as does Fish Oil. This then leaves, by your hypothesis, SOD to be remaining in the chemical reaction to rid my acne. The question boils down to this: could one theoretically just take Zinc and SOD supplements and hope to rid the disease? I can't possibly hope to change around my time in daylight. Most if not all of my activities and hobbies are done indoor and, as I love the nighttime, I don't expect to have a "regular" sleep cycle for any long period of my life. Since I can't hope to obtain SOD through melatonin cycles, I'm strongly considering buying SOD pills in the next couple of days. Would love to hear your thoughts.
  8. Just wanted to say: I used to believe that my acne was fully caused by masturbation. However, after attempting to determine by databased's model whether my lack of sunlight was the problem, I've been keeping a log the last couple of days listing how much sunlight I get a day, how many times I choke the chicken, when I go to bed, when I get up, etc. I've been doing the dirty deed once per day for about the last 4-5 days straight, and the only fluctuations in my acne have been directly correlated with how much sunlight I've been getting. Apparently I don't need all that much, since getting about 45 minutes total from walking outside from place to place seems to make my skin heal very nicely the next day (especially when going to bed at a decent hour instead of 2 AM normally). However, yesterday, when I spent absolutely all day in my house, and didn't go outside whatsoever, I've found that about 3-4 new lesions have popped up today. I can't think of any bigger correlation since my diet hasn't changed all that much, and I've been keeping away from dairy. I honestly would worry more about getting enough time outdoors than choking the chicken. Do a search online about people getting asked how much they do it, and they'll usually say daily if not more. It then comes to reason that since most people don't have acne, masturbation probably isn't the problem.
  9. Aaron123

    A Zinc-less Zinc Regimen for Adults: Draft 4

    Some questions: 1. So you're spending the entire time in daylight, then approx. how many hours is that? 14 hours awake, so 14 hours in daylight? 2. Do you go to sleep RIGHT when the sun goes down? That'd be like 7 or 8 PM here. What time do you go to sleep and wake up?
  10. Aaron123

    A Zinc-less Zinc Regimen for Adults: Draft 4

    I ask because I actually have transition lenses, which seem to completely block UV rays. However, they also seem to reduce the intensity of the light rays that enter the eye, so I'm a bit unsure whether I should be wearing them outside or not.
  11. Aaron123

    A Zinc-less Zinc Regimen for Adults: Draft 4

    Hey databased, this is really great research you're doing, and it sounds plausible, but I'm wondering: what if I wear glasses? Will any of the sun's indirect rays be able to enter my eyes? Do I need UV specifically, or just the light?
  12. Aaron123

    What is my acne like? :\

    Hi there. I've had acne since I was 11 (I'm 18 now) and here are some things that may help you quite a bit: 1. I don't know what your opinion on topicals is, but personally I hate 'em. They mess up your skin pH. So I don't use any topicals, creams, or washes whatsoever. Your body's more than capable of healing itself. You just have to stop the cause. 2. Cut out dairy completely. No, if you eat some cheese, you'll probably be fine. But I've found milk breaks me out a bit. Try to opt for water or fruit juice. 3. Abstinence. This was the key to getting rid of my acne. I used to look at porn everyday (and the act associated with it), but after wondering for so long what could possibly be causing my acne, I decided to abstain for about 5 days, and lo and behold, it cleared up quite substantially. I'm positive this was my cause, because right now, I have no breakouts, just red marks left over. 4. Sunlight can also help out quite a bit. I used to take Vitamin D and Zinc, but sunlight seemed to help much more whenever I got out for a bit. Good luck to you.
  13. Biggest problem is staying away from the porn. I know if I stay away from it, I won't do the act, so a lot of the day is devoted to NOT thinking about it. Of course I've tried to put internet blockers on all the sites I know, but it doesn't matter much when I can just get in over my head, disable the blockers, and do my business. After going through these motions many times, I've felt guilty about not being able to keep my promise to myself, and am currently using the following method. 1. If I don't look at porn, I'll be fine. 2. That's it. Yeah, of course I've had moments where I'm like "Oh. I'll just look. Nothing will happen." and then something does happen, so take that into account if you're having problems abstaining. Don't take the first step. Good luck to you.
  14. Aaron123

    For Me, It Was Masturbation

    I've been on-and-off abstaining for random periods since about early May of this year. Though I have never been able to abstain for over a 5-day period, there have been many many periods of 2-3 days of abstinence. Apparently this has done something over time, since right now my face is completely smoothed over. The only hint of acne on my face right now is the whitehead on my forehead (which is now a tiny red scab), and the various red/fading pink marks on my face where old whiteheads were. Right now it's just a matter of sticking to abstinence and waiting for the red marks to fade. The actual skin quality of my face right now is very smooth.
  15. Hi there, I'm a male at 18, and I've had mild to moderate acne since I was 11. Since it started, I've used all sorts of gels, washes, and medications, including Retin-A, Tazorac, BP, Salicylic Acids, Dan's BP and Washer, and Neutrogena washers. All of them had differing effects, with the most common one being my skin felt thinner and irritated, leading to more breakouts over time. A year ago, I found jan carlo's post about doing absolutely nothing and waiting, and thought, well, it's better than doing this crap, so I shovelled away all my acne products into my bathroom closet, thus revealing half of my bathroom counter that had been covered by the mountain. Over the span of 6 months doing nothing, my skin got tougher, and breakouts were fewer, but there were still breakouts. I started making some bigger changes, such as taking ~90mg zinc and ~2000 IU Vitamin D per day as per Databased's threads. I also completely cut out milk out of my diet. Again, a slight improvement, but nothing awe-inspiring, because I was still getting the same breakout. Then, a few months ago, I thought about it, and thought, well, I must be doing SOMETHING to trigger it. What have I been doing since 11? Looking at porn. And it all sort of clicked. Now, trying to quit is a HARD thing to do, and truth be told, so far, I haven't gone more than 5 days with abstinence. However, these constant abstinence periods are surely doing something, because right now, my face is completely clear, save for one whitehead on my forehead. Whenever I abstain, my face looks better the next morning; old whiteheads get one step closer to disappearing (aka, hardening over time until they're ready to just fall off like a scab, with new skin formed underneath). Whenever I masturbate, however, the next morning the whiteheads may get worse, and almost always I can spot a new small whitehead forming underneath the skin, ready to erupt in size within a couple days. I would usually masturbate once per day, almost without fail. But reducing this to once every 2-3 days, as well as trying to abstain purposefully with periods up to 5 days without has surely improved my condition almost to the point of being cured fully. I haven't taken any zinc/vitamin d pills in about two weeks. Right now all that remains is the one whitehead on my forehead that will go in a few days, as well as the red marks that are notably fading to my skin tone as each day goes by. I know there will be some on here who will say that this is hogwash, but frankly, I don't care; because it's the one thing I've ever done that's actually produced results, and I figure, if it helped me, it'd be selfish not to tell others of what worked for me, even if it may not work for you (for which I am sorry). Of course, females may not have the same results, though I am unsure how their hormones play a role in this. Thanks for reading, and all the best to you finding your cure.