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  1. I got a tan this summer and it had two different effects on my red marks which canceled each other out. First the sun made them dark and closer to a shade of purple, but also because of the tan I got, they are much less noticeable than before. Even though they are darker they blend in better.
  2. Does this mask have a whitening effect on the skin at all?
  3. I actually purchased the Murad Acne Complex Kit after seeing the infomercial for it. Once it arrived I quickly changed my mind when I read various bad, and some even frightening reviews about it doing more harm than good. I returned mine and never did even give it a try. As for the Zeno I also bought that in the past and it doesn't get much use if any. I know this may not be much help but in my experience the Zeno wasn't helpful to my skin and Murad scared me off. Good luck!
  4. I've never been able to find a moisturizer that doesn't break me out and that doesn't leave my skin looking oily and shiny. I'm currently not using one.
  5. I would also choose to go with the fish oil supplement for the overall health benefits. I think although neither the Vitamin E nor the fish oil will directly help with the red marks, the fish oil will indirectly contribute to the healing process and general health more so than the Vitamin E.
  6. I've had actually the opposite effect, the blackheads I did have lessened noticeably after starting to take fish oils.
  7. By bleaching do you mean the actual egg whites bleach or whiten the skin permanently? I'm wondering because I was in the sun a lot this summer and don't want to lose the tan right now. Thank you.
  8. Hello, I'm wondering whether the baking soda has any skin whitening or bleaching effect. Is that only the ACV? Would the baking soda be safe to use without harming a fresh tan? Thank you very much!