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  1. This is a question for Dan but if others have any opinions, please reply. I consider myself to be a long term user of Dan's regimen. I've been on / off it for at least a year now. The results are great. I hardly get breakouts anymore and if I do, it heals within 2 weeks (including red marks left behind from large zits). My only concern is that since Benzoyl Peroxide has been proven to thin out your skin, will long term usage of BP have an effect on my skin later on in life? I am in my early a
  2. Yes, it is great for acne prone skin as well. THis is like the only product that doesnt irritate my sensitive skin. Joe
  3. I have tried most of the moisturizers listed above, and I find that Aveeno Daily and Dry Skin Moisturizer is the best.
  4. I consider myself as someone with mild acne. Just every now and then I will get a few breakouts but thats enough to affect my appearance. So this is how I manage my acne on my face. Morning SPLASH face with warm water (make sure hands are clean) PAT DRY with a soft cloth (dont scrub) GENTLY clean face with cleanser (Cetaphil Cleanser) Wash off cleanser with warm water Put a REASONABLE amount of Oxy 5 on acne areas (2.5 BP) Wait 10-15 minutes then put my moisturizer (Aveeno Daily Mois
  5. Does Smoking Weed give you acne? I smoke weed. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......... I think weed is good for you because when you are high, your vision is impaired. Joe High
  6. Unless you have 10 zits on your neck, WHO CARES. If you are on a date then grab a concealer at your local drug store and put it on. Joe
  7. I have beenon the regimen for about 6 months now and I have my acne controlled. 1 or 2 zit a week which goes away within days. I remember when I first started, my face was the last thing I want to see. It was red, burning, flaky, etc.... I wanted to give up but I took a few days off work and stayed home. After that, my face started getting better and the redness, burning, etc... went away. Give it a two weeks trial. If your skin is still irritated from BP, then let your skin heal by washing and
  8. I jog three times a day too, usually when the sun goes down. You can do two things. 1. Instead of doing your regimen before your jog, do it after. That way, you dont have to wash your face too much which can lead to more breakouts. 2. Do your jog at night when the weather is much cooler. Grab a towel and just pat your face if you do start to sweat. Or go home and rinse with water and moisturizer. I think its necessary to wash your face after you have sweated. Yes, sweat doesnt affect a
  9. I've been on the regimen for about 6 months now and I can say I have controlled my acne. Just because you are in the regimen for a long period of time it doesnt mean you wont get any more acne. I am sure many of us who are clear still get a small zip or two on the top of our forehead where we usually dont put BP. The only thing bad about BP is that it can give you small cyst when you do get a pimple. But thats ok. Whatever you do, DONT TOUCH IT. trying to pop a cyst is one of the worst thing you
  10. I think warm or cold, it doesnt really make a difference. Whatever you do, DONT USE HOT water. Use whatever that is comfortable to your skin. Rinse it a couple of times and you should know. Joe
  11. There is suppose to be some kind of new cure for it... but I forgot the names of it. Go research about it if you want...
  12. Arms are a common place where people get eczema. Infact, 10% of people get eczema but many get it when they're babies. about 2% to 5% get it when they are adults. I dont think eczema can spread, as long as you treat it right away to keep it under control. Obiviously if you leave it and dont do anything about it, it will worsen, just like any other skin disease. There is no cure for eczema right now, but it can be kept under control. If you really want to know if you have eczema, arra
  13. For those of you who think that having acne is the worst thing that could ever happen to you, think again. I have moderate acne since I was 17 and I have been on Dan's regimen for about half a year now. Yes, Dan's regimen has kept on acne under control. I still get 2-3 zits weekly but thats not my main concern anymore because I have develop a bigger problem with my skin on my face. Eczema. Out of no where, I develop patches of DRY SKIN that itches and turns red. So I went to my dermatologist and
  14. Its been a while since I last posted here mostly because I am almost fully healed from my acne using the regimen. My pimples are pretty much completely gone, I get a new small zip maybe once a week and it goes away within days so acne is not my main concern anymore. Thanks Dan. Since I started getting acne a year ago, I notice I had another problem with my skin and that was large pores. On both side of my cheek, I have large pores so it makes my skin discolorated and SLIGHTLY bumpy. The areas wh
  15. Reply with comments and poll if you want. I just want to see how red does the regimen on other people. Joe