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  1. Hi, i'm 19 years old and i have moderate acne ever since 2015. My acne can be said to not go away and gets worse and better at times. My acne is focused mainly on my cheeks and chin and a little on my forehead. There's a lot of blackheads on my nose. So here's the thing, i went to a derm two weeks ago and was prescribed 10mg of isotretinoin (accutane) and he gave me two weeks of pills to see how it goes. So i finished two weeks and i don't really see much difference and i don't expect a miracle
  2. omg i think mine is similar to yours. my right cheek was as bad as my left cheek but it had gotten better. i feel you... i feel so uncomfortable when talking to ppl becos of my acne. yes i literally only use tea tree oil from body shop now. i don't even use moisturizer cos it makes my face more oily. i also guessed its hormonal becos of my abnormal timing of my menstruation. that's why i have been taking evening primrose oil to see if it helps
  3. I do change my pillow covers often and i tend to sleep to my right side because the acne on my right cheek is better than my left cheek. Actually it's way better than my left cheek. I don't know how to cure the cluster of whiteheads/blackheads and all sorts of pimples on my left cheek. I'm taking supplements (zinc, EPO, lysine and fish oil) but so far it doesn't make it worse or better..
  4. I'm 19 this year and i had acne for about 2-3 years. My acne was mild in the first two years but then starting from this year onwards it's getting worse especially on my cheeks. I tried many things like those natural stuff they use on youtube which cleared their acne.. but none work for mine. Someone please help me. My left cheek has a lot of blackheads i guess bcos there's many dots and every few days a huge pimple will grow.