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  1. Jojoba oil is better than other moisturisers because it, itself, cannot act as food for the acne bacteria. If you use too much, however, it can contribute to blocked pores, where the skin's natural oil will become trapped and act as food for the acne bacteria. However, since you have very dry skin, you are not as at risk of this as people with oily skin. Other advice regarding patch-testing is good. You could be allergic, in which case it is very possible it could cause you, but not others, to
  2. In my opinion, it can't hurt applying it to the whole face. If you have lots of red marks - of varying degrees of darkness - you'd be better off than applying it individually to a select few bad red marks. This doesn't mean, of course, that it cannot be used as a spot treatment.
  3. DAY 36 Wow, it's already been thirty-six days... I can't believe how quickly it's gone! I increased my dosage to 20mg, twice a day, at the end of month 1, and as yet my skin hasn't got appreciably worse. I was wondering which breakout would be worse, 0mg to 20mg, or 20mg to 40mg. It turns out, for me at least, neither was too bad... but then again I have been taking a lot of antibiotics. Even though logic strongly suggests otherwise, I'm scared of coming off antibiotics in case I just relapse.
  4. hey, whod you want to win eurovision? haha

  5. DAY 5 (ACTIVE LESIONS 5) When I woke up this morning my skin was ever so slightly drier than normal, but still oily. I'm getting more little spots coming up spread evenly over my face, which I'm attributing to an initial breakout. Other than that, the only difference is that every single spot leaves worse red marks than usual! I'm still using my regular cleanser and nothing else... since my skin is still so oily!
  6. DAY 4 (ACTIVE LESIONS 5) The main difference that I've noticed so far is that my face is redder. It's not so must sensitive as it is worse at healing itself. I now have a few marks on my cheek from minor spots, which I would usually expect from a large papule! Other than those marks, my skin hasn't really changed that much. I'm still using my old Simple cleanser and no moisturiser because my skin is pretty oily. In terms of side-effects, I think I'm a bit more irritable than usual. I can feel
  7. Your skin looks fantastic, congratulations! XD Oh, and you look fantastic too..
  8. DAY 3 (ACTIVE LESIONS 5) My skin still hasn't worsened too much, but I can see that my antibiotics are having to work hard. :/ My skin is slightly redder and seems to be healing current lesions slower than usual. I'm gonna go out in about an hour to look for supplies, since I'm still using my old products. Hey MissAngie, I don't think you can get Purpose cleanser in the UK! Oh, and my name's Stefan, what's yours? XD
  9. DAY 2 (ACTIVE LESIONS 4) I think I'm entering the initial breakout phase. :/ I'm noticing more widespread activity than usual, but I reckon the antibiotics are helping to hold it back. I'm still waiting for my skin to dry out... it's pretty oily at the moment.
  10. Hey everyone.. I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and have my own accutane log. XD I'm 18 and have been suffering with acne for at least five or six years. I tried everything over-the-counter before finally seeing a dermatologist two years ago. After taking antibiotic after antibiotic, which offered nothing more than temporary relief, I finally persuaded him (and my mom) to allow me to take accutane. I honestly think, given how much my skin affected me emotionally, that I should have been given
  11. What a beautiful turn of phrase! I can completely understand your reservations lol! XD I reckon I'll try Purpose... quite a few other people have mentioned it too, plus I also like the fact that it foams. Thanks for your help!
  12. Thanks for your replies! XD It was probably a silly question actually, since I've just started accutane and so an oily skin cleanser is the last thing I need!