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  1. may be true that this is just a myth...but I find it interesting how weak we all are and how we just can't control ourselves...... now, I see why drug addicts have such a hard time. If you think about it, reaching orgasm makes the brain secret a bunch of chemicals that end up making you feel awesome..... which is basically what drugs like cocaine and ecstacy do too.....It may be more natural....... but who knows..... maybe too much of a good thing can be bad. I haven't masturbated in like 4 or 5
  2. sad but true..... most likely you will not get clear in 10 days, but if you keep up with a good regimen then you will be most likely better looking in couple of weeks. Don't stress too much about 10 days, anyways, most people will not remember how you looked when school started. ayways, best of lucks for you....
  3. well, people.... I know many of you know more than me...... so I just gonna post my current regimen on here and see what you people think. I just started this regimen yesterday and it seems a very nice combination... but tell me what you think. Morning – 8 am -Wash with DKR cleanser - DKR 2.5% BP - DKR Moisturizer -2 Fish oil Pills (EPA +DHA= 720mg) -2 spoons of Apple Cider Vinegar Afternoon – 3 pm -Wash face with water -Apply DKR BP & moisturizer -2 Fish oil Pills (EPA +DHA= 720mg) N
  4. hey thanks for the comment, yeah my brother took it when he was 14 and was only on it for 12 weeks, so im hoping it will only be 3 months for me to, but u never know...yeah this is my last resort ive tried EVERYTHING!

    thanks again

    <3 amy

  5. maybe you could try some Beta Hydroxide Acid base cream... I have read that these ca get rid of clogged pores....... also, you can try taking fish oil pills (omega 3)
  6. well, these sports are pretty much very rub-demanding.... you may try having a gooddiet and drinking lots of water...... also, make sure that whatever you rub with is bacteria free..... other than that... I know the only drug to have the most effect is accutane...... besides that, I may not be the best one to give advice...... if I was you, I would avoid any rubbing....... but thats just me
  7. well, that about staying dry after ending the regimen is weird.... I believe it must maybe because yo uare not eating right or something....... or maybe just is going to take some long time to be back into oily.... it all depends. With regards to the shaving thing..... DEpends what kind of beard you get.... if you are the kind that grows very thick and fast beard (like me then you should shave like twice a week.... I am trying shaving every other day but it seems my skin doesn't like it and I
  8. I agree with you....... different lights show different complexions..... White flyorescent light are the best, because they show evrything..... light bulbs kind of hide some stuff away since their color is yellow. I work at a nightclub, and the lights they have over there in the bathrooms are orange and thats because orange light hides EVERYTHING, you can not even see scars on themm... I love those but I rather have white light because it shows the truth.... but yeah, you are not alone
  9. I have some of those too... they annoying since nothing can get them away..... I have read that Beta Hydroxy Acid or Alpha Hydroxy Acid will most likely unclog any pores.... you may want to try that if you think those are clogged pores. I am going to go buy some AHA product tonight at walgreens. I am currently under Dan's regimen, but I don't think BP can actually do anything against clogged pores, so I need to include some sort of exfoliant into my regimen..... so well... try AHA or BHA produc
  10. I guess you must be cute .... well the ice thing will most likely work....... AT least you got courage..... me? I haven't been out of my house for the last 6 days........ but tomorrow I have no choice, I have to go get some interviews done .... But yeah, try the ice thing, and if you can try to switch between ice and a little hot water, maybe some warm tea bag... thats what I do... but still... it will take some days to go away if it is huge ..... best of lucks
  11. hahahaha, I agree with all of you..... the cleanser does smell rathe funny, and it is very liquid for my taste..... However, it seems to work fairly well..... I have yet to experience an change since today is my first day .. But I agree, the cleanser smells like sterile or like the inside of a plastic container after just buying it .... but well, better than nothing....
  12. isn't this supposed to be the room just to discuss Dan's regimen? I think this topic is out of place, never mentioning it sounds like advertisement..... but well, thats just me...
  13. well, I just used it for first time and i had to put like 4 pumps to get a decent dime size. plus the cleanser seems to be very liquid...... like it goes between my fingers if i don't put attention. I also noticed that the seal was not really sealed but just like kind of pressed into it. As i removed the cap to put the pump the seal came of really easily. I donno...... I had to put like 4 pumps and then move it with my hands until a nice lather formed.... but not as much thou.... so far, everyt
  14. hey I just visited this site: http://www.acnevolution.com/index.php that was brought to attention by infornication and they still have pictures of members on their slides.... I think someone ought to do something..... and sue their asses I was thinking about posting my progress on Dan's regimen but now I have my doubts..... I think acne.org should put a system than when a pictture is uploaded a watermark is automatically added to the picture. So, the watermark becomes part of the picture..
  15. Well, I have to say that I must be lucky or something, but I barely get scars after having a huge cyst. Once, I even took a big piece of meat and skin from my nose when accidentaly hitting a cabinet shelf. My nose is smooth as new, and it happened like 2 months ago. All I am trying to say that sking healing is in the genes, some people have it good others don't. I just believe the cure to scarring will be found just when science learns more about genetic engineering. And it may sound crazy, but