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  1. Hi ALE-ITALY I ordered from Switzerland in June 2009. No problem in June. But Switzerland is not part of the European Union. Does this problem is new for Italy and UE ? Is it your first order or you had already ordered another time without problem?
  2. Thank you C'est La Vigne ... but I am not sure I understood ... Do you think the expiration date is june 2011 : yes or no ??? SORRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Sorry Brandy, but I did not understand Is that the date is where the tube is striated On my tube the number is : 91520611. So I think the expiration date is 06.11 (june 2011) Is this right please ???
  4. I received my new tubes of Dan's BP, but I do not see the expiration date ??? A number is on the top tube (where there are stripes) The number is 91520611. So I think the lot number is 9152 and the expiration date is June 2011 (0611) Right ????
  5. I use a cleansing micellar water for washing my face. This cleanser does not foam and it is like water. So I can not use only hands (as Dan says) to wash my face(my cleaner is too liquid and it does not foam) So, I use a cotton ball with my cleanser. Dan Said that a washcolth can irritate the skin, but can the cotton ball irritate too ?????? I can not use a foaming cleanser (like Dan, these cleaners dry my skin too. I can not use a thick cleanser that does not foam (like Cetaphil), not clean
  6. I am on Dan's Regimen. I am very flaky and I want to try the "Baby brush method" to exfoliate my skin and the flakiness... But I think it is perhaps too irritating with Dan's Regiment ? Dan says not to use a a washcloth, it is too irritating, so a baby brush too or not ???? Thank you
  7. So, I have mild acne but my acne is very difficult to clear. When I see member’s pictures with servere acne, it seems better and faster cure than my light acne ! I am on the Regimen since 7 weeks and I have acne every day ! So I think Dan’s Regimen cure severe acne very well, but not light acne !!! ??? What do you think about this ??? I have very sensitive skin too, can Dan’s Regimen work less with sensitive skin ? Thank you !
  8. Hi, I am on my 7th week with Dan’s Regimen and I have always break out. I have seen some improvement, but I have all day pimples ! And my skin was better during the 4th to 6th week, but now on my 7th week, my skin is less better, is it normal ???
  9. Can I use any cheap soap or should I use Dan's cleanser ? Thank you !
  10. If you are really flaky (I am flaky too because my skin is very sensitive) you can try this moisturizer : EUCERIN Dry Skin Replenishing Face Cream with 5% Urea. It is available in Europe and in UK. I use this moisturizer and my skin is much less dry and flaky ! So if your skin is less dry with this moisturizer, you can try to put one full finger BP morning and night. And Dan and a lot of people say that your skin can clear up and break out and clear up an break out …. During the first 3 mont
  11. I am on the Regimen since 5 weeks. I have some good result , but my skin is dry and peeling. (I can’t use jojoba oil). How long to get use to BP ???? Does the peeling go away really ??? Or It remains throughout the treatment with the BP ??? Thank you
  12. In your experience, are Dan’s AHA or other glycolic acide 10 % effective for blackheads ?? Thank you
  13. Thank you very much for everything, it is a very complete information ! I have a question for you: I would like to use the Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion, but I am afraid because many people say they broke out with it. I consulted the list of ingredients comedogenic / non-comedogenic on zerozits.com and has a comedogenic ingredient (cetearyl alcohl + Ceteareth 20). Have you no problems with clogged pores or blackheads with it? Thank you very much
  14. I do not understand why your 1st time was a unsuccess story and not your second time a success story ? Personally, I have a non-success story and I do not know why? Do you think 2 pumps of BP was too much for you? Is this the reason? What moisturizer do you use now?
  15. Hi, So, my chin is irritated by the kisses of my boyfriend. And the irritation can worsen acne. I put Dan's BP on my chin, then the skin on my chin is very sensitive. No other girl has this problem?
  16. Hi, In your experience, can a part of the face clear up faster than another? For example, can the forhead quickly clear up and the chin take much longer to be clear with Dan’s regimen ???
  17. Hi, So, all is in the title ! Is AHA+ good for blackheads and whiteheads ? Can it make the BP less effective if I put AHA+ after BP ? Thank you !
  18. Hi Dessay Come back and do a review on Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion after some time of use. Thank you.
  19. Oooopsss... I'm sorry, I did not understand! My english .... ugh !!!!! But now, I have understand !!!!! Thank you, don't hate me please
  20. I would like to try Cetaphil Lotion, but I'm scared because it has a comedogenic ingredient (cetearyl alcohl + Ceteareth 20). This comedogenic ingredient is No. 4 on 5 on the list zerozits.com
  21. Dan's moisturizer is bad then ? He worked a year and caused a sudden breakout? What are you switched ? The name your new moisturizer, please Thank you
  22. What is the name the bad moisturizer? After one year, the moisturizer is bad, you used the same moisturizer and became bad ? ???? What is the new moisturizer? Thank you