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  1. i had this like once...its weird VERY weird.................
  2. omg....i wake up drooling a bit...haha and ya i usually break out a bit..it sucks but i cant help it
  3. lol, i still have high standards....pisses me off sometimes..i want to go after the model looking girls and it usually doesnt end good(haha).
  4. in my opionon, and i guess i am a rare guy
  5. sweating all day...and shit this sucks...but money pays the bills i will have in the future
  6. everyone here pretty much agrees Sun is bad for your skin...Well what haps if your full time construction worker...out in the hot sun ALL DAY long ....and its not like i am quit...this summer its gonna be scorching hot in florida... , what does anyone suggest ??
  7. Angelo should be quoted a million times......this is a dumb poll now i think of it...THIS IS A ACNE SITE DUH. would you not want someone to date you just cause yo uhave ACNE?? dont think so Much love Milo
  8. cant tell, which sucks...i think like 10-20..but mostly just brown/red marks....
  9. my cousin went to sweden for a yr....she came back i got her year book and holy shit...your right about the Barbie and Ken thing...^^ i aint ever going there, but ia m sure your prettier than 80% of americans, if your comparing yourself to Barbie and Ken
  10. u know your life sucks, when you go outside you get hit by a car, you then get up than you get hit by a guy riding a bicycle, than a pigeon takes a dump on your face, while your knocked uncounsious <--spelling error