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  1. Amazing, excellent, awesome news. If anyone's still actually reading, I'm sure they're tired of me impatiently switching regimens and making no progress. I think I've finally stumbled upon a skin miracle, and I've actually given it enough time to start playing out! For 3 weeks now, I have been using a new cleanser by AMBI, called Even & Clear Exfoliating Wash. It's apparently made for darker-complexions, and I'm incredibly fair-skinned, but dude, skin is skin! What drew me to this product w
  2. So instead of working on homework, I want to give another update: I am impatient when it comes to treating my acne, but I think it stems from being very aware of my body. If something's not working, I can tell pretty quickly. If I have a bad feeling about something (i.e. harsh chemicals that left me with perhaps permanent scars), I'm not going to "wait it out." I've stuck with a few acne regimens for anywhere between 3 and 5 months with little, if any positive results; I've learned things. I th
  3. So I've gotten a lot better about not picking, mostly because my skin has gotten so bad that I'm determined to fix it. This is what it took to get me to ease up. I don't really pop pimples anymore. The only thing I notice myself doing is nervously picking uneven areas/flakes/scabs. But it's getting better, and I'm still working on it. I am in the midst of a setback right now. I have a bad cold and I've been feverish, which really does bad things to my skin. It's also knocked me off my exercise,
  4. They say it can take 3-6 months to fully see how birth control pills affect my system, including my skin. I've only been taking them for 2 weeks now. On about the 3rd day I had an AMAZING skin day. I had had no new zits for 3 days and the existing ones were not swelling so bad. Plus the itching and aching had stopped, so I hadn't touched my face for a few days. It was amazing. But that was short lived. My acne isn't like it was a couple weeks ago, but I still get achey, itchy pimples that make
  5. Trying not to pick, amidst the itching and aching. But I have found that hot compresses work to bring things to the surface and alleviate the ache. I was always afraid of hot compresses because I had them done on a "pimple" on my knee when I was really young... then we popped it and it hurt like hell. Plus it left a scar. In retrospect, I don't know if it was a pimple, and we popped it way too soon). I have been using green tea on my face some nights or mornings for its supposed anti-inflammato
  6. My skin is at its worst. Ever. I don't know what the hell to do. AHA stopped working, and I don't want to use something so harsh if I'm not seeing results. I tried the baby brush VERY gently ONE TIME and it seemed to irritate my skin. I know it takes practice, but I did some reading and my acne totally follows the pattern of hormonal acne, only it isn't related to my cycle. I just have high testosterone. I've seen it on blood tests, and you can see it in my facial hair and my chin/jawline acne.
  7. I'm so glad to hear your skin has gotten better. I hope all stays well with it. Mine, on the other hand, is pretty bad. Mostly my own doing. It reached its worst right after an awards dinner I went to, where I wore some cover-up. Plus I have been picking a lot at all the stuff that happened from the make-up. And I also haven't been exercising. I have couple new pustules every day, but they aren't too bad once I deal with them, carefully. I have tons of red marks. Tons. And lots of blackheads
  8. I, too, am coming back to this "no picking" deal with renewed conviction. First, my facial hair is getting worse and I want to start getting waxed... which means I can't have any scabs/open wounds on my chin/mustache area. Secondly, I'm getting the cystic acne again. It hurts. And they're coming up in new places (i.e. one on the side of my neck). I realize if I pick these, they will spread like wildfire. So I'm seriously leaving them alone. I plan on putting toothpaste on a couple to dry them o
  9. I normally use an AHA cream... I was using it nightly and it helped. Then I stopped, and was only washing my face in the mornings... it got WAY better for a while... but then I guess I picked or something and it got bad again. I haven't been able to get back on my AHA routine... I try and use it a couple times a week. I dunno... Mostly I need to stop picking. I just did last night too. Ever think about *why* you pick? I mean, we know it's bad, we know it causes worse acne... but we still do it.
  10. And you thought you haven't posted in forever? I haven't posted since February 3rd. Eek. I've been doing terrible. I fell off my routine and picked like crazy and things that should have been left alone. 2 weeks ago it looked like I had herpes on my chin or something, I looked so bad. People were staring at it when they talked to me. Humilating. But certainly my own fault. So I left things alone *for the most part* and I'm healing... but the problem is that picking that bad for a few days make
  11. Been a while since I've updated... I've continued using Purpose facewash with no moisturizer. I stopped using AHA every night because I got lazy. I've also continued an exercise regime that seems to help a little. Sweating can create pimples, but it seems to keep them mild and small. I use my sunscreen every morning and the AHA about twice a week or so. I'm improving somewhat. I still get hardcore blackheads, but I haven't had any big pustules for a long time. I just get little whiteheads and c
  12. Yeah, my skin has gotten a bit worse too, but I'm trying my best to not aggravate it. I am getting boil-like pimples again... deep ones that hurt and never really come to the surface. I left one alone completely and it's still there, just slightly pink... no big deal. One was soooo painful I figured I needed to do something, so I popped it. I just popped it once and left it alone though. I'm not picking or anything. It's a bit red, but it doesn't hurt anymore. I'll take redness over pain. 3 thi
  13. Oranges? Wow. I would never imagine oranges causing pimples... I thought a fruity diet was beneficial. I guess just DON'T PICK, and make sure you keep clean hair, clean pillow cases, and don't over-wash or use any new products on your face. Best of luck, my dear.
  14. Yeah, I took moisturizer out of my routine a couple months ago and I have seen major improvement. I've always had ok skin, except that my forehead and nose get a bit dry during the winter... so why should I moisturize? The moisturizer and picking probably prompted most of my trouble. You know, I got caught up in this skin-care crap because I have a friend who's like the Barbie I never had, and she has all these rules about skin care and health and beauty and many of them are just false or not a