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  1. Yeah, I pretty much deleted the Tea Tree Oil out of my daily regimen! My mom had to take me to the hospital for all of the redness about two weeks ago! It looked like third degree burns...=/ But it's fine now and suprisingly, with all of the irritation, didn't break my skin out..It's still a little pink from the incident though! Ahaha, but it's been a couple of weeks now and I have to say that I'm almost acne-free! My skin was supa supa flakey for a while so I stopped using my stuff for three w
  2. I use my Tea-Tree Oil alone, and true, it leaves terrible red-marks, but in the end it clears me up better than Differin ever could!
  3. Day Five I changed up my regimen a bit, but for now I think it's good! My face is slowly, but surely clearing up! My cheeks are 65% better, however, my chin is worse! Fortunately, the redness might go down by tomorrow then I'll look semi-clear on my chin because I totally got rid of the pesky whitehead that made its stay for three weeks! Hahhh, I'm also using Tea Tree Oil to help my face more! And going to the Derm. in one week. Maybe. I need a re-fill on Mino. and if my regimen doesn't have me
  4. Willow - Thanks so much and it's very calming to know that my face won't look like sandpaper tomorrow and might not break it out! Acne Battle - Yeah, I am definately going to buy a bottle of his moisturizer. I've heard it works wonders! Unfortunately, you can't just pick it up at the store so I have to use this for now! Thanks for the quick replies!
  5. Sorry to bother anyone but I have pretty flakey skin and regular moisturizers will do the trick for a few hours, but my skin will come back even MORE flakey than it was the first time. I have my first day of school tomorrow and I need something that will work for atleast 7 hours. Johnson's Soft Lotion [24 Hour Moisture] Water, Glycerin, Mineral Oil, Carbomer, Ceteareth-6, Sodium Citrate, Fragrance, Sodium Hydroxide, Methylparaben, Butylparaben, Citric Acid, Ethylparaben, Stearyl Alcohol, Propyl
  6. Day Two Not that much progress except the one pimple that I hated the most came to head so I popped it! I had to because that sucker had been there since November and I'm not joking! I have school tomorrow and the ONLY thing that's bothering me is my chin! One whitehead in the center and a beet-red pimple that's on the side of my chin! Gah, I just hope they disappear or atleast reduce in size before tomorrow! It seems like I am the only one in my entire grade without perfect skin.
  7. I believe it was the first time my father said, "Jack, you need to wash your face so I won't get so embarassed when we go out to places." Of course, I had ONE pimple then. Now it's much worse.
  8. Currently, my acne is a heavy form of mild which is good because it's normally moderate! It's probably because I stopped using Differin (The Worst Stuff I Ever Tried) and my face isn't so dry and flakey! Enough babbling, onto the log! Morning -Wash with Purpose Gentle-Cleansing Soap [10 Seconds] and wash off. -Wash face with Brevoxyl Creamy Wash (8%) for around 15 seconds and then wash off! -Apply Borghese Moisturizer after five minutes -Wait five more minutes and then apply Neutrogena On-The-
  9. Okay. I was using the Brevoxyl Creamy Wash (8% Benz. Peroxide) and I absolutely hated it also! I also had hope that my skin would soon be clear but kept breaking out worse! I'm now using Neutrogena On The Spot - And I must say it's awesome! In ONE DAY my face is 10% clearer! I couldn't be happier!!!
  10. Oh! First off - Sorry! I wasn't asking a specific question and I guess that made it a little more harder for ya'll to answer! I was wanting success stories and was wondering if I needed to switch or not! Sorry guys! And I am going to get the Neutrogena On the Spot for now and if it works kinda' good then I'll get DKR gel (It's a big tube that's actually cheaper than Neutro. OTS for me!) and it seems like it works better! Thanks everyone!
  11. Well - I'm pretty much hating what my dermatologist is giving me at this point of time. I've been using Differin for about a year now and Brevoxyl for atleast three months, probably around five! My face feels like sandpaper and my eyes are sore and is still full of zits.
  12. Honestly? It cleared SOME of my acne and made the rest of my face a living nightmare. I wouldn't recommend it..
  13. I haven't but if it makes you feel any better I am also switching from prescription Benzoyl Peroxide (Brevoxyl Wash - 8%) and Differin to DKR gel... I should be nervous but for some odd reason I have a feeling that this IS my answer to clear skin. But who knows?
  14. Which type of Brevoxyl are you using? The face wash or just the cream?
  15. So I'm very new to The Org and I've been searching around and there have been amazing results with Daniel Kern's 2.5 BP gel and I was wondering if people could share their experiences with me? Sorry if there's already been something like this but I kind of need to order it soon and I'm pretty nervous about switching from my prescriptions Differin and Brevoxyl Creamy Wash! Mkay thanks!