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  1. Alia khan

    Finally acne scar success ? With silicone

    Hey guys! I really need help. I want to go for silicon filling, can you guys comment on your experience, any side effects? @Harrokitty @Tadamasa
  2. Alia khan


    @91baby I wont say much but going through your posts seemed as if my heart is speaking. Image of me in mob screen, car shadows, morning false hopes for scars, social isolation omg the same is with me (although i have much deeper acarring). I have done 5 co2 lasers and 2 dermarollers (with no improvement acc to me) and got my first subcision a day before. Lets hope for the best. check out vedios of @elaineafteraccutane on youtube, may be those help, she Is a hope. Good luck.